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Tim: Where is the revolution?

Where is the revolution?

Before last night, I had never been asked this question. But then again I don’t have frequent conversations with folks sitting on the front porch waiting for a Torch Light parade. I assumed the person asking the question was NOT being a smart arse. And I still do not know what his intentions were. It is easy to misread people online. That is a question for someone who is either blind or being a smart arse. I think the better of our race. So I assumed he was blind.

Five hundred years ago all hope was lost because this country was full of Indians. Of course, we would never be able to do anything about all the Indians. Opportunity to deal with the Indian situation would never present itself?

There was never going to be an American Revolution in Colonial America. White folks were going to take shite till the end of the world. All hope was lost. There were too many loyalist in the suburbs and these Indians had us outnumbered. They are coming to take all our muskets!!! oh no …all hope is lost.

When it comes to our race. One of these “all hope is lost” scenarios presents itself with frightening regularity. In fact, BUGS could author a General Theory of History based Aryans saying “All Hope is Lost”………and that is how we got to top of the food chain over the last 4000 years. We could deduce it down to an equation: Aryan = Perpetual Crisis = Aryan.

In the late 90’s, I got online for the first time and read about the Jews. All hope was lost against them. No one would ever stop the Jews. I believe there is a clear pattern that has developed with our folks. A rather obvious pattern. This week I goaded my liberal friends on the Jewish Question. The Liberals sound identical to the White Nationalist ten years ago. The whole planet talks about the Jews everyday. An Antisemite in 1975 could only see 2009 in his wildest dreams. Now it is happening in front of our faces. Bob called the moment in 2001 after September 11th: “the next holocaust has started”. He was right.

Aryans are sitting/straddling the whole top of the planet at 10% or so of the worlds population. We have weapons our ancestors could only dream about. And we have a fanatical core that has been created by the good ole fashioned lady……..mother nature. We have the most revolutionary communication technology the world has ever seen. Thomas Pain could only dream of something like this internet. But for us, there will never be any big openings anywhere. We will all brown out. All hope is lost. The jews will get all of us first. Oh my. An obvious pattern? Probably.

So where is the revolution?

This last week. I was watching the nightly news. I saw Tom Metzger on my nightly news talking about all the young radical racists he sees daily. I have seen the likes of him on the history channel discussing the Klan etc. But not on the midwest nightly news discussing the fanaticism of white youth…….and they were taking him seriously. They did not sit and rip the man down. This was a new scene. They were listening as he described what he was seeing every day among the white folk.

But of course it’s the end of world for us. All hope is lost.

Our race is full of technological ability. No one on earth doubts this. Unfortunately, we have not invented an Alarm Clock that gives out loud Jungle Calls at the starting point of the Revolutionary Gunfire. And unfortunately the Swiss have not come up with Cukoo clock that sings Tannenbaum at the start of the Torchlight Parade.

So where IS the revolution?

It’s right here.

And it is starting right in front of our faces. The whole system that holds up the status quo is collapsing.




A few members of BUGS are having conference call on the mantra and other topics at 4pm EST today.

If you would like to join in please contact me over skype. If you do not have skype, you can download it.

Edit: I’m sorry that we couldn’t bring you in Joe. We’re still adjusting to the interface and technical problems kept appearing.

We had a great time tonight and we’re looking forward to doing it again next week Sunday at 3pm EST. Make your arrangements now to be included in the next chat.


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