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Revolution/Evolution: The BIG Catch-22

On the subject of revolution covered by Tim below, anti-whites a fatal Catch-22 situation.

To begin with, the whole question of whether there will be evolution or a revolution is historically up to those who are in power. My first book, A Plague on Both Your Houses, discussed that matter at length. Any establishment which cannot adjust rationally ends up being overthrown at a huge cost to those who make it up. The British Monarchy adjusted to a parliamentary system and the Czar’s family is dead.

France’s Bourbons were famed for “Forgetting nothing and learning nothing.” So France remains a republic.

The critical problem is that our PC establishment CANNOT be reasonable about race. I have repeated the reason many times here, but the IMPLICATIONS have not been noticed. On Opposing Views on Stormfront, anti-whites are constantly saying that they have no objection to whites associating only with whites. Nobody but me EVER calls them on that because no one else recognizes this as their FATAL Catch-22.

Back to the original point: revolutions occur where the establishment cannot be reasonable. But anti-whites cannot be reasonable. Why? Because the Diversity myth is simply a myth. White people will, after a time, gravitate to any spot ON EARTH where whites are allowed to have their own communities.

The Diversity myth is so ridiculous that anti-whites cannot allow that myth to be DISCUSSED freely anywhere on earth. Debate diversity inside the US and you lost your career. Discuss it outside the US and you go to prison.

Repeat the above paragraph in any respectable publication and you are in deep, deep, trouble.

The mistake made on Stormfront is a discussion of evolution or revolution as if it were OUR choice. Pushing the race question to a matter of prison leads to revolution. But that is not because it is OUR choice. It is because the Diversity Myth is so ridiculous it can only be imposed by unremitting force.



Way to GO!

I see BUGS as something special. But when I write about that, it tends to bore readers. Readers like my pronouncements on the state of the world better. This discouraged me, because we already have plenty of urls dedicated to how the world should be.

When I simply bugged out, so to speak, BoardAd, unasked by me, used his tech powers to go ahead without me. First he started putting in comments in the main section, and then he started something entirely new: the Skype get-togethers.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of taking charge all my boring discussions about the nature of a SEMINAR were all about. I keep repeating that BUGS is not about the Final Truth of Professor-Leader Whitaker. It is about showing you how to get into the fight from someone who has spent his life BEING SUCCESSFUL in it.

BUGS is not about hammering out The Only True Faith inside BUGS, but how to win the battle out there. If you read some of our comments from Lord Nelson or Prometheus or Simmons, you will see that someone who not part of BUGS would not understand it at all. Those are real BUGS comments, the ones dedicated to how we fight the actual battle OUT THERE.

There is no reason for me to dedicate my limited energy to one more forum about the ideal world.

BoardAd is my new inspiration.

Thanks, man!


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