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Coachin’ From Pain

Shari gave us a good example of fitting the Mantra into websites online! Sometimes the full version just sounds like an irrelevant advertisement, so you can alter it a little bit. Thanks for the good example!

Since Bob wants us to keep moving with this, let me say that of course do not forget to post the full version wherever you can. Sometimes I’m just browsing around and I see that the topic is related so I cut and paste the Mantra. Actually, pasting the whole thing takes less times than figuring out how to reword it.

I usually don’t even follow it up; it figure it’s done the job and I move on elsewhere.

It’s only in personal conversation (or a heavily censored website) that I’ll give an abbreviated version, tailored to how timid the person is. When you are only talking to one person, it’s not as important as the web, where the audience may have millions.

By the way, this whole topic is hot potatoes; this is what people are thinking. This is why Google must censor its results so tightly on all things surrounding the ongoing white genocide. For example, for more than a year (a while back), the number one search result for Jew was an anti-genocide site — until Google censored it.

It’s the same with every other topic around white genocide. I am sure each of us has noticed more than a few websites that used to come up at the top of Google until they suddenly disappeared unless you typed in the actual site name.

Genocide is THE issues of the age, which is why it must be suppressed.

As it becomes a natural part of casual conversation, you will find yourself slipping it in and people nodding in agreement.


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Shari Tackles RJB

Shari brings a report from the front!

Shari: These “immigrants” are in Norway as part of an ongoing program of White Genicide. The same push for pouring the non-white hoards is going on in EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries. This is nothing less than an effort to genocide the White race, my race. Nothing else. There is no push for non-Chinese pouring into China,or non-Japaese into Japan. There is no push to invade EVERY Black country and ONLY Black countries. Anti-racism is ANTI-WHITE.

This is what I wrote in response to Randall Burns posting on rape in Norway.



Bob Isn’t Dead

but we should carry on like he is.

The worst possible thing to do right now is to lament about his absence. We know he is on vacation from the blog and weve all expressed our desire for him to come back.

If you guys want Bob back, stop giving him the proverbial finger by acting as if he was never born. Bob is a teacher. He is a coach. He is not a leader!

Each and everyone of you are capable of using the Mantra and Mantra Thought and only you, the members of this seminar, have the choice of carrying it on or letting it die. Bring back some feild reports, get involved with the skype chats, do something, anything but talking about nothing




January 1, 2000

I had difficulty deciding what to write for the millennium WOL, because I write every piece for the new century. The reason I write here is because I am a veteran of over four decades of real political warfare, and the war, not yesterday’s battle, is my area of expertise.

The issue that will be the most important in the future is invariably the one today’s establishment is most desperate to avoid talking about. Today, that issue is race.

For a short time during the integration battle in the 1950s, liberals kept saying that we had to integrate because whites were outnumbered. They pointed out that colored children were being born in ratios of at least five to one to whites throughout the world. That line of argument stopped abruptly. Liberals suddenly realized that if they kept it up, some whites might realize the real position they were in in the world.

Though few people are aware of it, this is the effect the shrinking of the world through technology is having on a lot of people. Most people are more tolerant racially, but at the same time the idea that whites have a right to feel threatened is growing.

In the long run, a victorious political strategy is one that takes what everybody knows is true and sticks to it, letting the other side discredit itself. The ruling establishment, such as that which enforces Political Correctness today, can always be counted on to rely more and more on brute power and intimidation. That is what destroys it.

One aspect of the leadership that wins in the Western world will be that it will simply talk rationally about race, as about everything else.

I have no trouble discussing white fears with real, flesh-and-blood members of minority groups. In the future, whites with normal concerns will want to be represented, and, once they are, it will become part of the routine political landscape.

I don’t think you can imagine how it would cripple leftism if we were to simply make the point that white concerns are real and legitimate, and leave it at that. Right now, every conservative allows liberals to make them prove that they have no racial thoughts whatsoever. In short, they let the other side subject everybody to a Thought Crime accusation from the word “Go.”

I have spent four decades as an expert on political warfare.

I tell you the right is doomed if they do not deal with this Thought Crime business. As long as the left has this “racism” weapon UNCHALLENGED in their hands, the right can only retreat.


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January 1, 2000

Before we discuss what will happen in the twenty-first century, it would be useful to talk about what didn’t happen in the twentieth. In 1976, I began my first book with the following words:

“Our most trusted ‘inevitables’ are collapsing around our ears today. We used to hear that integration would make mankind one, inevitably. It was said that socialism was the most efficient economic system, and would be universally adopted. Bigger, more interfering government was not long ago an inevitable. The United Nations was to lead on a rocky but inevitable road to a united world. Rehabilitation, not punishment, would end crime.”

“Public confidence in these certainties has collapsed.”

Socialism, Thomas Dewey’s New Education, the criminals-as-victims theory, all these things have been obvious disasters.

As you can see, if we had entered the millennium forty years ago, trendy media opinion would have listed a number of things that would “inevitably” develop in the coming decades. Now we are reduced to one.

Today all the “inevitables” are gone but one. That is the inevitable “solution to the race problem” by immigration and integration. This “race problem” exists only in white majority countries.

A white country is said to have a race problem if there is racial friction. But there is also a “racial problem” if there is an area where there is no minority population, no “diversity.”

Over a hundred and twenty million Japanese, with a population more racially uniform than in any European country, has no “race problem.”

Red China, with ten times as many people and far more racial uniformity, has no “race problem.”

Sub-Saharan Africa, with a racial uniformity that would drive the integrators insane if it were white, has no race problem at all. A “race problem” exists only where whites predominate.

“Race problem” means “white problem.” The “solution to the race problem” always means “the solution to the white problem.”

Respectable conservatives never mention it, but the left uses code words. One of these is “the race problem.” This so-called “race problem” only exists in white-majority countries. When Australia limited immigration to whites only, it was a “race problem.” Any area which has an all-white population has a “race problem,” and needs to be integrated.

The one inevitable that every person who is allowed to speak out in our society is required to agree with is that, in the next millennium, “the race problem” will be solved.

Analog Magazine is the most prestigious publication in science fiction. Analog had always featured its cover art, beautiful representations of bold warriors and their women in ancient garb or in futuristic space uniforms doing heroic battle. They were all Nordics.

In the 1970s a liberal editor, Ben Bova, took Analog over for a short time. As a good liberal, Bova saw a future where there would be no Nordics. All white majority populations would, by then, be brown.

But Bova could not replace the Nordic features on his covers with pictures of random racial mixes. He did not want to put ugly people on the cover that was to sell his magazine. So throughout Bova’s short reign as editor, the uniforms or other clothes on the warriors covered their faces. You could never see what race they were.

Except once.

That one time during Bova’s editorship the race of the person on the cover was clearly shown. He was a pure black man, driving what appeared to be an anti-gravity tractor.

Several things were interesting about that one cover, but the one that is important here is something Bova did not even think about.

He insisted there would be no Nordics in the future, but he took it for granted there would be blacks. Africa would always have plenty of them, as would many Caribbean islands and the other solidly black countries of the world.

I am sure that it never occurred to any reader of the magazine that this was a totally racist, totally genocidal attitude. It is, after all, the only acceptable attitude of anyone who dares say a word in public in today’s society.

In many countries, you can go to prison for expressing any other attitude.

As we go into the third millennium, only one inevitable is left on which all allowable opinion agrees. That is that the new millennium will see the end of what liberals and moderates and respectable conservatives and the leaders who call themselves “Christian” conservatives all agree to refer to as “the race problem.”

All of our liberal, moderate, respectable conservative and so-called “Christian” leaders shout in unison that we must have “a final solution” to “the race problem.”

They shout about the dangers of “white racism” when we all know that we are targeted to disappear from the face of the earth. But anyone who even mentions this is declared anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. And who is shouting the loudest? Respectable conservatives, of course, the people who call themselves the “conservers” of Western society!

Outside the United States, they don’t stop opposition to the last “inevitable” just by shouting and oppressing opponents economically. They use straight police state tactics. If you mention your concern with the disappearance of the white race from the earth in Canada, you are subject to criminal penalties. In Britain, under the race hate laws, a judge officially declared that “The truth is no excuse.”

In the cause of the code words “ending racism,” freedom of speech has simply ceased to exist throughout the Western world. In Canada, this jailing of people for expressing any white racial concern at all is already expanding to include sexism, criticizing gays and all other categories of Political Correctness.

And when it comes to racism, sexism, and more and more forms of Political Correctness, the Canadian courts are following the British judge’s dictum that “The truth is no excuse.”

There is already a tiny but growing reaction to this. This sort of criminalizing of Thought Crimes will be hard to sustain in the age of the Internet. But today’s conservatives will have no part in leading or taking advantage of this reaction.

So the so-called opposition in America shouts even louder that the only real problem in our society is that old code word, “racism.” The last thing you can depend on our so-called conservative opposition to the left to point to is the REAL problem.

This conservative dedication to genocide fits the pattern of what the Christian writer C. S. Lewis had in mind when he had Satan’s Senior Demon Screwtape give his formula for tricking men into eternal damnation. Screwtape explains to his nephew Wormwood how this sort of fashionable toadying is used to destroy humanity:

“The use of Fashion in thought is to distract the attention of men from their real dangers…The game is to have them all running around with fire extinguishers when there is a flood, and all crowding to that side of the boat which is already nearly gunwale under. Thus we make it fashionable to expose the dangers of enthusiasm at the very moment when they are all really becoming worldly and lukewarm…Cruel ages are put on their guard against Sentimentality…”

So today’s conservatives are helping liberals pursue this Screwtape approach. The real danger of the new century centers around the program to eliminate whites — or “the race problem.” Along with this program goes the War On Thought Crimes that is destroying freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

Meanwhile the right, which claims to be so Christian and so moral, is devoted only to being part of Fashionable Opinion on these issues.


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