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General Pontification

In the post below I mentioned general pontification. Simmons, being a good BUGSer, was a smart ass about it; which gives me a great chance to explain just what young BoardAd really meant.

General pontification are the essay like comments that are endemic of a few commenters. Much greater men than myself have articulated my point, like Marcus T. Cicero once spoke, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” In the commenters case, laziness and wasting time are two thoughts that come to mind. Laziness on your part is wasting time on ours.

Some here may consider essay like comments “work.” It most certainly is not. We are not writing a freshman english paper. Cut the crap and get to the point. You are better off spending that time you are doing “work” working on spreading the message.



Simmons and Thanks

This blog, the mantra, and our way of thinking wouldn’t survive without dedicated people. It’s activity such as this, not general pontification, which we must do.

Thank you Simmons, for showing the way.

Simmons: Chicago Tribune pushes white genocide

I followed a link to another Trib genocidal columnist.