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How You MIGHT Get Bob Back

I had a talk with Bob this morning that gave me the inspiration for this post.

What did he say? Well, our conservations consist of me giving him updates of how the blog is doing and of my own actions and in return I get advice, which mainly is to post what I just told him.

Now that I have spent a little time running the seminar I have noticed and listed off, point by point, the very same complaints that drove him out. Long unthinking irrelevant comments, refusal to work on the net and report on it and refusal to promote the blog.

In addition to the following, I have one that is uniquely my own. Whenever I post a “blast from the past” all I receive are criticisms. Guys, I am not looking for a rehashing of the piece. I am looking for an expansion on it with new concepts. Everything interrelates!

As far as comments go, all ole Bob wants to see is what we are doing now. Short descriptions of work being done and short discussions of why our specific work is more advanced and specifically critical.

Make every word count.



Tim on Social Constructs

There are no social constructs under International Law.

Go to see the local Forensic Pathologists and pull a hair from your head. The pathologists will test it and tell you what RACE you are. However, to keep his job he will tell you that race does not exist. Social Science and Real Science are not one and the same.

The law only recognizes REAL Science. International Law only recognizes REAL Science. No one can plead “they were just a social construct” at a genocide tribunal. Don’t believe me? Just ask Saddam Hussein.

There are no social constructs under International Law.


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