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The Basics Don’t Change

In the previous article I said that Bob has been repeating the same thing for roughly 30 years, I want to clarify that statement since it can be intrepreted as a slight. I didnt mean it as a slight. Bob has been hammering on the basics and the basics just don’t change!

The Basics Don’t Change

Posted by Bob on September 22, 2004 at 10:49 am

An old professor friend of mine was very enthusiastic about “Why Johnny Can’y Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood.” He was also amazed about how consistent my ideas have been since we met forty years ago.

With due apologies I pointed out to him that his ideas about arithmetic were also consistent. Since I met him he got his PhD and had a long academic career, but he still repeats “2+2=4″ today exactly the same way he did when he was eight years old.

I am still looking at the most basic facts of politics and economics. They are exactly like 2+2=4. They don’t change.

Rememer that there was a whole theory and university science of medicine before they accepted the existence of bacteria. There was a whole university study of economics, called political economy, long before anybody ever heard of supply and demand. Before they heard of bacteria or supply and demand, both medicine and economics were destructive.

I am still trying to introduce the idea of wordism and the professional biases of social scientists into the field of social science. Until that is done, they are still exactly where medicine was when doctors regularly bled people to death and economics was when it pushed the old Mercantile System. They are stupid and they are wrong.

I have spent a frustrating lifetime trying to talk real social science to the social science professors who sell bleeding and Mercantilism in the social sciences today. I will keep doing it.

I will also keep saying 2+2=4.

I am indeed very consistent.