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Political Correctness is the religion and faith in the evasion of physical reality. Literally it is why the cult kiddies cannot explain themselves in any detail. To even ask them to puts such stress on them they physically tremble unless they are superbly trained psychopaths.

Even my debates with PHDs usually end up with a trembling childlike adult sputtering which must be the magic phrase of their oral thesis presentation, “I’m personally offended by your/their views.”

Speaking of Horus his best work was the phrase, “In your opinion I’m a racist.” These kids have no opinions whatsoever, they absolutely will not take responsibility and they will not stand for a prosecution of their views, they will fold quickly once the white hot light of reality strikes them.

An update with my surfing of conservative sites I have found the Mantra conclusion being placed quite a bit, and in very articulate terms one level below its explicit annunciation. For what it is worth I am very impressed by the posters and their use of the language.