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Where Power Comes From II

Posted by Bob on August 17, 2006 at 3:29 pm

I bragged that, if I had been on staff, I, alone, would have stopped the “assault rifles” ban.

Remember I just said John hired me as a man who would have ideas and carry them out. I would have brought in the film I was talking about, written out the testimony about the REAL Swiss assault weapons, and handed it all to him.

I do not know of anohter staffer who was given as much absolute free reign as I was. I would have laid, at blog length, the purpose of all this and asked John to handle it from there on. John would find a way to get it in front of the committee and he would have enjoyed every minute of it. He would find other congressment o get in on it.

John had his own little coterie of trouble-makers, including Bob Dornan. They all loved raising hell.

They were NOT love by the go-along-get-along conservatives.

We would have crushed that crap before it ever got out of committee.

I did that for a long list of stinkers.

That is what John Ashbrook HIRED me to do.

So there was no Secret Plot by Staffers to rule the congressman.

Never tell anybody this in a barroom or in a stump speech. They’ll go to sleep on you.


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