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The New Thurgood Marshall

There was a guy named Bill who saw the Punch And Judy puppet show for the first time. Punch is a puppet. He was being manipulated by a puppeteer who was himself repeating the lines of a show that is over five hundred years old.

Punch kills his wife. Punch kills his baby. Punch kills a policeman.

Bill got up and screamed at Punch. He tried to attack Punch and tear the puppet up, but the crowd restrained him.

Above all, he kept yelling that Punch was insane.

Finally some nice guys in white coats came along and took Bill off to where he could get a long rest and some helpful drugs.

I get the same feeling when I hear people, in all seriousness, attacking Obama.

Seriously. It gives me the creeps.

Sure, it’s my racial “prejudice” talking. But the reason I was considered prejudiced was that, unlike the Yankees back then, I actually KNEW blacks. I was raised with them, I led them in Africa, I worked with black members of the Senior Executive Service in Washington. They were PREjudiced. I was POSTjudiced.

I remember when Thurgood Marshall “led” the NAACP lawyers in the Brown arguments. It was his picture on the cover of Time Magazine.

It was Marshall, not any of the legal team that did the thinking in the Brown case, who was appointed to the Supreme Court. Woodward’s book on the Supreme Court described Justice Marshall, as one reviewer put it, “as a stereotypical lazy Negro.”

You know how everybody says that when they retire they are going to write a book or pursue a hobby they didn’t have time for before? Well, a reporter was astonished when he asked Marshall what he was going to do when he retired. Marshall replied, “I’m going to sit on my ass.”

That was the one remark Marshall made that was original with him and I LIKED it. But the point is, Marshall was the token Negro in the NAACP legal team. The NAACP did not have a black president until the 1960s, when it took an actual floor rebellion to finally elect a black president after sixty years.

Blacks are excellent at repeating lines. But the idea that Marshall or Obama ever said anything for themselves is absurd. When I hear people seriously attacking Obama personally it gives me a creepy feeling.

They’re exactly like old Bill above.

They need HELP.



Lord Nelson’s Debate

A few months ago I was invited to a debate with a rabid Anti-White.

She kicked off the debate by telling everyone how much she felt compelled to stand to ‘racists’ like me, especially because she had two White kids.

So I had some fun demanding that this Anti-White give reasons as to why her own children should be replaced with the children of North African Muslims, as the new majority population of the UK.

I kept threatening to call HER a racist if she did not comply.

And so when she did betray her own kids, with talk about how ‘we all bleed red’ and ‘the White race is just a social construct’ etc. etc. I then switched it around. And demanded to know if she would use those same arguments to justify the replacement of Black children in African countries. And that I would think she was racist against Black Africans if she did.

She could not go there. And she had to admit it was only her own she was using this logic to against.

At this point GAME OVER! She lost all credibility and became a bit of a laughing stock to all who were there.

(Trust me, you had to be there) It woke up everyone who witnessed our little debate.

The point is, That’s Mantra Thinking! If I had talked about ‘Black crime stats’ ’scheming Jews’ and ‘our beautiful White race’ I would still be there now. Being used like everyone’s favorite verbal punch bag.


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