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Mommy Professor

We used to have a saying when I was in college: “Every freshman is a socialist and an atheist.”

Like all such sayings, it was not literally true, but it contained a basic observation. Lots of kids getting away from their parents were completely knocked over by their first exposure to professors, nearly all of whom were socialist and atheist.

Many, many freshmen instantly concluded that they had gone from Provincialism, meaning the views they were raised with, to True Sophistication, the ideas of Professors, like Hillary Clinton. But, from the saying above, you can see that most of us grew out of this.

In fact, most people are aware of this on some level. That is why anti-whites react so viciously to my term Mommy Professor. I don’t bother to explain it. They know what I am talking about. A kid goes from Mommy to Mommy Professor and actually BELIEVES that Mommy Professor is completely unbiased, Realistic, and above all, Intellectual.

Childish minds react exactly the same way to any kind of guru. This happens so routinely that the mere use of the term Mommy Professor is resented bitterly.


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