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Final Appeal

The World War 2 Generation came back from their how-to-be a good doggy training with the conviction that they were AMERICANS ONLY. There was no white, there was no black, there were no Southerners and no Northerners. As to self-interest, there was only Sacrifice.

That is precisely the kind of Wordist attitude that the Constitution could not operate in. The Constitution uses a system of checks and balances where personal preferences are allowed because the different branches of government will keep each other in check. The final appeal was to the people.

But when the WWII Generation took power, there was no “people.” They were all Americans. The people did not have any existence except as Good AMERICANS. So they had to appeal to a Federal Branch to tell them what Good Americans were.

Whereas the Tenth Amendment made it specific that the final appeal would be to the people or the states, Good Americans do not see any separate entities of this kind.

So the World War II Generation’s Final Appeal is to the Federal Courts.



Supreme Court Worship Comes First With Respectable Conservatives

People asked Ben Franklin what the Constitutional Convention had given them and Ben is supposed to have replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” There used to be a slogan, “This is a republic, not a democracy, let’s keep it that way.”

Actually, like most conservative statements, this is simply no longer true. The same Supreme Court that made the holy decision to strike down all state laws against interracial marriage which no conservative dares question also decided that the United States is NOT a republic.

The only phrase in the Constitution that gives the Feds the right to interfere with the FORM of state government is the one which requires that all states must maintain “a republican form of government.” Since the outset every state allowed one senator per county, regardless of its size, just as states were allowed equal Senate representation regardless of their population.

This is, in fact, the only part of the Constitution which cannot be changed by amendment.

The Holy Court of Miscegenation ruled that this provision in in all but one (unicameral) state legislature in the fifty states was unconstitutional. The Holy Court ruled that if a state is not a democracy, it is not a republic, so all legislative bodies must be based on population.

Except the Federal one. So the Federal Government is not, and cannot be, a republic.



The Crime Biz

I worked for a while in two prisons. As someone has pointed out, if you took all the things I mention here and made a biography out of it, I have lived a couple of hundred years.

One thing I really learned while in those prisons was that crime is a business. Not just organized crime, but crime in general. It is the way certain people make their living.

Besides, if you are in prison, what does everybody around KNOW about? At a medical convention people talk about medicine. In a prison, they talk about crime.

Like all my observations this one seems obvious, so you nod and go on worrying about what is in the paper or who is in People Magazine.

I was reading in an independent give-away yuppie newspaper about a guy who got beat up by a gang in Five Points. Five Points is Columbia’s yuppie and college student bar area.

So if you go back to People Magazine after reading my observation, you will miss why this yuppie area that recently was so safe is now dangerous.

One of the things prisoners discuss a LOT is guns. Contrary to the Heroic Criminal Myth, criminals are no more fond of facing a weapon than anyone else. No, it is NOT routine for a criminal to take the gun away from a cringing, drooling person and shoot him with it.

In fact, there are likely far more incidents of crime victims taking the fun away from the robber than vice-versa.

In the real world. But cases where someone who is not in a police costume stopping crime is not reported. And the judges are a lot more anxious to imprison someone for stopping crime than for committing it.

You see, the criminal knows who to call and what to say. This is experience average people do not have, so the cops love to trap them.

But back to the specific case of talking about crime. In any prison inmates about where citizens have guns in exactly the same way builders talk about potential accidents. Citizens out of costume are a major occupational hazard outside of states with what prisoners consider good, solid gun laws.

Back to Five Points. I mentioned before that a black guy marched into the recovery club with a gun and demanded money from everybody. Poor bastard was from New York.

Wrong state. One of those terrified unconsumed people in the club pulled out his gun and killed him on the spot.

It happens that that club is in Five Points. But it is RECOVERY club.

Five Points has become a gathering place for muggers because it is gun free. If a citizen has a gun permit, he cannot go into a place where alcohol is served. Five Points is full of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, so it is the one place muggers and gangs are safe.

So if you just nod at my obvious observation, you will not understand why Five Points is a gathering place for criminals and why the guy got shot dead in that particular club.



PC Can’t Keep Its Excuses Straight

There is a rule that anyone who makes a living off of history or social commentary has to provide his tithe to our established religion of PC. BBC documentaries end with a sermon in which everything that has been said is jammed into the PC world review.

When I see that this particular book is the one in which the author pays his tithe, I close it and return it. Each author must give excuses for minority behavior. In one case a historical fiction writer was declaring that the Gypsies were regular exploited WORKERS just like everybody else, like illegal aliens in America.

Meanwhile Piers was explaining that Gypsies stole babies and other property because they did not recognize property rights. So presumably if Gypsies were appearing in your town and you gabbed one of THEIR kids, they would think nothing of it.

So Gypsies are hard workers for their due wage and don’t recognize there is such a thing as a due wage.

Blacks don’t commit more crimes — or one would be justified in suspecting them of crime more than people with white skin — and every writer must know the list of reasons WHY blacks have a RIGHT to commit more crime.

Democrats spend hundreds of millions getting out the minority vote, but if you say non-whites are likely to vote Democratic in the wrong context, you are a Nazi.




No one mentions it, but there has been a gigantic improvement in the reaction to crime on television. When I was young and snakes had feet, you would regularly see a family whose child had been brutally murdered tearfully talking about the poor murderer.

Granted a lot of parents weren’t that forgiving, but only the ones who were got on TV.

In the 1960s when the dog-trained, dog-faced WWII Generation was middle aged and at its height of power, anyone who protected himself with a gun was condemned. The few times when someone was shown resisting attack in any way, especially by having a gun, the whole reporting process stopped for a lecture on how only a guy in a police costume should resist violence.

In fact, like the families loving the killer of their child or daughter the standard fare of TV reporting would be astounding today. The police, in their costumes the WWII Generation worshiped, had a standard lecture that sounded like this: If a robber wants anything, give it to him. Grovel and grovel and grovel. Ask him to come home with you and rape your daughter.

The cops have UNIFORMS on. Only they are Magic.

Today they even suggest that, instead of giving your wallet to an armed robber, you should throw it under something so he has to dig for it while you get away. For TV in the 1960s this would have been pure heresy.

“Be NICE. Let the COPS handle violence against you. It’s none of your business.”

This is an area in which America and Europe are on opposite tracks. In Europe every year more judges and legislatures pass more laws making it clear that the citizen cannot object, cannot defend himself, cannot have a weapon.