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Political Correctness Versus Reality

When I was coming up, “modern” meant industrial. One writer said, “It is as modern as Marx, as up-to-date as the Webbs.” Fifty years later, I have to explain that the latter were the upper class founders of the old British Labor Party.

Back then, the whole world was going to live in the middle of big cities because that was where the jobs would be. People would live where they work.

In fact, millions of blacks and PRs went downtown as workers moved to the suburbs to get welfare. In the next New Age, people moved to where they could NOT WORK most profitably. When the suburban and inner city trends became “inevitable,” of course, THAT pattern broke down.

As a religion, Political Correctness has to have its own Inevitable Future, its good god called “Change” or “Progress” and its Hell and Devils residing in “reaction” or racism. Political Correctness is derived from our other religions, so this follows naturally. The problem is that other religions were able to make promises in the afterlife. You believe, you pay for the church, you obey rules set, and you avoid Hell. But Hell is always put off into the unprovable period after you are dead, where no one can PROVE it one way or another.

The Western conflict between science and religion was absolutely unique in history. No other society had produced a science separate from its established religion. Even then, had the church stuck to its doctrine of punishment or reward after death. there would have been no conflict. But the church claimed Genesis as scientific truth. One thing the church had to be taught, over and over, was not to stick its doctrines in areas where they are subject to proof or disproof or they would be chopped off with a lot of pain to the church.

Evangelical Christianity was growing by leaps and bounds when it, unlike the Modern churches, kept its serious religion for the afterlife. Now that it is pushing anti-evolution and a fertilized egg should be allowed to vote, its growth has stopped in the first world.

Marxism and its product Political Correctness put EVERYTHING into this world. It is based on the Inevitables of History, and every inevitable Marx and his followers came up with has turned out, over and over and over and over, to be sillier than the Church versus Galileo.

You can’t see this if you look for complications. Like Genesis, the failures of Marxism are with where you START not where you finish. Stalin used Lysenko to declare that, since Marxism will remake the world entirely by planning the world, the laws of genetics did not apply. The result for Soviet agriculture were what those who did not share the Communist religion would have expected. You can’t make summer wheat into winter wheat by freezing it.

As with the Mantra, Political Correctness deals with SIMPLY insanity for a while by complicating it: “You are just being simplistic by labeling Comrade Lysenko’s doctrines that way,” and then, like the Catholic Church with Galileo, just never mentioning it again.

The process is the same as any other church. First you bring forward your Authorities. A lot of people go to huge pain and face oppression to overthrow the Doctrine. Then it denies that Political Correctness said such a thing. Anyone who brings up Lysenko or Galileo is being “simplistic” and “insulting.”

Established religion is allowed to make the same mistake over and over because no one reminds them of the earlier ones. Respectable conservatives have made an industry of forgetting that Marxism is just SILLY. Making a tame opposition part of the establishment. It was a coalition of Sadducees and Philistines and so forth who crucified Jesus.

Our job is not a new one. It is the old one that those who valued truth over the establishment has always had. It now and ever shall be as long as Authority is used against reality.