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Jewish Establishment Agrees With Hitler

If you accept that the Inquisition never did physical damage to Jews, you can accept that the priesthood of the temple did nothing to Jesus. But the converse is true. If you overlook the responsibility of the Inquisition that crucified Jesus you must hold the Inquisition guiltless.

One could say that both the Inquisition and the Crucifixion were terrible mistakes in the millennia-long history of Jews and of the Church of Rome. They cannot be blamed on MODERN Catholics or Jews.

But there is a huge difference here. The Catholic Church has admitted it did wrong. The Pope has gone to Israel and groveled at the Jews’ feet for the Inquisition. He has rolled and puked and peed in his robes over the Evil the Church did to Jews.

In other words, the Church admits it was wrong and separates modern Catholics from the errors of their predecessors. The only problem is that, like other white gentiles, the Church keeps on groveling to a sickening extent.

Jewish reaction to Mel Gibson’s perfectly accurate portrayal of the Crucifixion was the exact opposite. The Jews said that if the Temple Priesthood back then did an evil thing, then that evil is still part of Judaism. This is odd, but that IS the logic..

If you insist that admitting a 2000 year old error by Jews is anti-Semitic, you are agreeing with the anti-Semites.

By the same token, Jews who insist that any attempt to save the white race is Nazi are agreeing with Hitler. They are saying that Jews and Aryans cannot survive in the same world.