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Wordism IS The Melting Pot

A commenter pointed out some time ago that wordist institutions are vampires. Like other vampires the only life an institution has is what it can take from people. Loyalties that nature intended to be used for the perpetuation of a people are used for the institution. The loyalty and dedication of a monk is a distortion of the natural dives that were intended for the survival of his kind, but they are used to cause him to dedicate himself perpetuating something that has no life.

In Latin countries the declared ideal is racial assimilation. Portugal and France declared their colonies to be part of their European countries. All that one needs to be French is to speak French.

Yet Stormfronters keep insisting the Jews invented this!

The ideal of EVERY wordist institution is interracial marriage. The ideal is that a family have nothing in common except the institution. If a family is started by two people married by the Church who have absolutely nothing in common racially or culturally, its identity is nothing but Catholic. The identity that nature intended to perpetuate the race is dedicated entirely to loyalty to the Wordist Church.

The Melting Pot has always been the ideal of every kind of Wordism. This is OLD. Alexander the Great sought to unite his empire by intermarrying easterners and westerners. Lately the Reverend Moon conducted massive interracial marriages.