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Why is the Mantra Suppressed?

I get so SICK of discussions about THE races!

Whenever anyone discusses race relations, they are not talking about what should be done in “the world.” ALL talk about immigration and integration applies only to WHITE countries. So “assimilation” only means integration INSIDE white countries.

And no one, NO ONE, ever SAYS that. When we put this point in Pat Buchanan’s discussions, it gets wiped, much less anybody else’s.

We are, in fact, dealing entirely with the destruction of the white race, which is what nobody in respectable life dares say out loud.

So it is our moral duty to say it out loud. But don’t use familiar language, use the Mantra.

The reason the Mantra is so effective today is because we can SEE its reality. In the 1950s when integration was aimed by its promoters at the ultimate end of white existence, it seems to be alarmism. But now it is OBVIOUS. Which is why it cannot be mentioned. Its discussion was allowed when it could be pooh-poohed. But today it is so obvious it must be suppressed, ONCE IT IS MENTIONED.

I don’t believe in conspiracies per se. That is partly because when people think exactly alike it is natural to think they are in cahoots. But every college graduate has been indoctrinated so that he understands exactly how he is to react in every case. A graduate of the Sorbonne and a graduate of Harvard will appear to be in a conspiracy, but they are much more like zombies. And leftist zombies create rightist zombies. Liberal reaction to any EFFECTIVE dissent is to declare the person making that dissent “unrespectable.”

So, if one is to make a LIVING at being a RESPECTABLE conservative, one does not need to be part of a conspiracy. He knows what will not be tolerated, or he would not be a professional.

If you don’t use the Mantra, you are respectable, Which is worse than a crime. You are worse than a Communist. You are what makes absurdity and evil POSSIBLE.