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Truth in Stereotyping

Non-whites could not live in northern latitudes because they could not get the sun. They died for lack of the “sunshine vitamin” D. White science discovered this and now they can.

Our numbers have dropped largely due to the use of The Pill. Abortion if not nearly so fatal with white science as it was in any other place or any other time. We also know what we are doing. They used to have all sorts of ridiculous formula for ending pregnancy, few of which had anything to do with doing the job.

In 1900 Indians were known as the Vanishing Americans. Black deaths doubled with the end of slavery and the relative number of blacks to whites was dropping steadily. America was becoming “inevitably” whiter.

One of the most surprisingly consistent numbers in the last couple of millennia has been that a fifth of the human race has been in China. When the Chinese adopted ;the aquatic rice developed by Aryan India about the time of the blue-eyed Buddha, their passive nature was perfect for the rice paddies which brought their numbers rapidly upward to the one-fifth level.

The last thing anyone suspects today is that Orientals are likely to do away with themselves. But such is the case. Japan copied Western technology to an extent that wowed the world. By the same token, Japan has taken birth control to the point where its population crash is outdoing that of Western Europe.

Like all disasters, Communism can make this one worse. China imposed birth control the way it did the rice paddy culture, on everybody at once from the center. Their population crash is going to make Japan’s look amateurish.

I met hundreds of Russians, and the only one I ever heard who had a good word to say for non-white immigration was an old-line Stalinist about 2002. He wanted those “hard-working Chinese” to be brought in. It is difficult to state how opposed all other Russians are to non-white immigration.

But to the old-line Stalinist, his brothers are not Russians but those who espouse his creed. Russia made up of Chinese, his Soul Brothers in Communism, would be HIS country. A Wordist Communist land.

So you can see all my seemingly distant observations coming together. Professional futurists declared Japan The Land of the Future in the 1980s. That sounded plausible from the news headlines of the time so those predictions got financed and published.

The same Futurologists who made their reputations in the 1980s have adapted their predictions to the latest headlines after Japan’s financial catastrophes. Nobody asks them
About their former Inevitable Future. It is tacitly admitted that their salaries have been a total waste in actually predicting, just as doctors were a total waste and worse in earlier ages.

Pat Buchanan looked at present demographic figures and said that, according to those, two-thirds of the world’s population would be in sub-Saharan Africa in a century.

If you look at things racially, the demographic bust among Orientals is no surprise. Anything we have done for over two thousand years they have done more of. Chinese history talks a lot about the division of the Empire of Chin from time to time, but Europe has never once even approached the unity that China takes as its baseline. Japan’s unity in one form or another has been amazingly consistent.

The unity of a population even the size of Japan’s was a terrific singularity in Europeans history. That of China never happened once. As one writer pointed out, what we call stereotypes are usually just inconvenient truths. Orientals are more obedient and more tractable, and they are not inventive, though they can take improvements and go with them with an orderliness whites can only gasp at.

If a Chinese found or invented something in the right place at the right time, it flourished and then dies. This is true of printing. This is true of black powder. This is true of the huge iron works the Emperor sponsored. In China, all novelty dies.

This is the stereotype. This is the truth.


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