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Gee Whiz!

It won’t do for a literate adult to be endlessly surprised that people who preach Love most are the haters, that those who preach Mercy most are the torturers.

We have just watched several incidents where thousands of people were financially ruined because they did no understand the basic truth that absolute trust means absolute betrayal. Japan’s national economy was almost destroyed by that.

Come on! How many times must people breathlessly state that the merciless talk endless about mercy and so forth before we stop being astonished by it? We all knew the Inquisition preached Mercy and Communism preached Brotherhood by the time we were ten years old.

It is true that “Freedom is the right to say that two plus two is four.” But it is retarded to be constantly AMAZED by arithmetic!

Obviously those who spend endless effort denouncing Hate consider it very natural, as Joe Sobran points out. Nobody hates like an anti-Hater. But by now a moderately intelligent person should realize that in every area.

Those who preach Diversity want white countries to have no serious differences in opinions or culture and they want the population to be a uniform brown.

But this conclusion should be gotten, not by a deep analysis, but by the first words out of their mouths.