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Anti-White is Anti-Life

A columnist for National Review, of all places, is worried to death about the demographic collapse of Europe. In the last issue, he noted that a mainline British scientific group had made it official: it recommended that Europeans have NO children. The column writer said it was astonishing that official sources were now stating the inevitable logic they had been moving toward for so long. Sterility is now official policy.

The Zero Population Growth of the 1970s, of which Soylent Green was a symptom, is now Zero Population. That specific report pointed out that an Ethiopian child would produce less than one half percent of the carbon emissions that a first world child would. Third worlders, said the report, should be left to produce the children.

Like the Mantra, this is a matter of something becoming so obvious writers cannot help but write about it. Like the Mantra, respectable conservatives will do anything to dance around the actual basis of these all-too-obvious facts, these elephants in the living room.

The obvious fact is that in order to remove the white man’s consciousness of race which ruled in the 1930s, social engineering had to declare total war. Total war means incidental destruction. In a seventy-year campaign to get white men to cheer when a pygmy marries a beautiful blond, the whole of his nature had to be attacked. The whole business of producing children is based on a prejudice deep in our animal soul: the desire to procreate and perpetuate our own kind.

The whole desire to procreate our own kind is now a Hitlerite obsession, not a natural drive. Conservative Catholics loved the attack on this his instinct when it just said that one should ignore reproducing one’s own kind and consider all marriages holy if a pedophile in a dress the right words in a dead language. But you can’t attack anything this basic drive without turning off the drive to produce one’s own kind without striking at the basis of life itself.