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The Dead World of Guilt

Dave’s article below shows the fundamental difference between life-thinking and death thinking. On the one side there stands the Guilty Man, whose only aim is to be sterile and miserable. On the other hand is the man who demands human beauty, fecundity, and a march to the stars and beyond.

It is hard to believe that a generation ago we were talking about space colonization and comparing the economic growth rates of country. Today all the talk is about how we can make up for our sins by going back to the stone age. Our ideal today is the non-carbon producing, Ethiopian, almost the only group on earth who are actually managing to STARVE.

Our ideal today is the man who “lives with nature,” which is code for being an animal himself. There is absolutely no difference between the loving praise heaped on stagnant stone-age men today and that heaped on animals.

This was called socialism, now it is called environmentalism, but it used to be called Christianity.

There were two versions of the story of Faust. One was the Medieval on in which Faust wanted more knowledge and sold his soul for it. It ends with him torn to pieces and his soul screaming in Hell.

Goethe’s Faust has Faust bound for Hell after his search for knowledge and one moment’s happiness, two things that Medieval “Christianity” hated. At the last moment the angels come and chorus, “A man who tries his best, him can we save:”

“Der der strebend sich bemueht, den koennen wir erloesen.”

In other words a German saw Faust’s desperate pursuit of happiness and of knowledge to be good, the opposite of damnable.

The Mantra goes with a general attitude of good, of humanness. Its opponents is at best Medieval and fundamentally stone age.

Race mixing looks ugly and has bad results. These are the two things the Guilty Man loves. As Dave says, the Guilty Man Mantra is Sacrifice. It is giving your neighbors and future generations permanent sterility and changelessness. It is evil.


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