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Stagnation is Guiltist, Wordist Nonsense

Sherwood Forest is gone. All the giant forests of Medieval England are either gone or are midget versions of their former selves. What saved the forests was coal and oil.

If we had not progressed beyond the use of wood for every new industry every tree would have been sacrificed. That is what happened on Easter Island, what became the Sahara Desert, in Central America and in thousands of other places.

In other words, as usual, the Guilt People have it dead wrong. We all took it for granted that a stagnant world destroys itself. As you run out of one resource like wood or oil you develop new ones. But this is not done by stagnation in a world planned for stagnation by some Wordist priest.

The environmentalist establishment today is exactly like the priests who said masses to stop the Plague. We cannot deal with any of the crises they make their living on by shouting out guilt about technology and breeding Ethiopian children. The last people in the world who could deal with global warming are Ethiopians.