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PC Can’t Keep Its Excuses Straight

There is a rule that anyone who makes a living off of history or social commentary has to provide his tithe to our established religion of PC. BBC documentaries end with a sermon in which everything that has been said is jammed into the PC world review.

When I see that this particular book is the one in which the author pays his tithe, I close it and return it. Each author must give excuses for minority behavior. In one case a historical fiction writer was declaring that the Gypsies were regular exploited WORKERS just like everybody else, like illegal aliens in America.

Meanwhile Piers was explaining that Gypsies stole babies and other property because they did not recognize property rights. So presumably if Gypsies were appearing in your town and you gabbed one of THEIR kids, they would think nothing of it.

So Gypsies are hard workers for their due wage and don’t recognize there is such a thing as a due wage.

Blacks don’t commit more crimes — or one would be justified in suspecting them of crime more than people with white skin — and every writer must know the list of reasons WHY blacks have a RIGHT to commit more crime.

Democrats spend hundreds of millions getting out the minority vote, but if you say non-whites are likely to vote Democratic in the wrong context, you are a Nazi.