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I Want to See Male Queers Kiss on TV

As I have said before if homosexuality is “a legitimate lifestyle” then no one has any right to object to teachers or scoutmasters promoting it. By the same token, I am getting a bit tired of the TV showing me close-ups of black guys slobbering white girls but never showing queer MALES doing the same thing.

We could make a point of this. I for one would far rather see two queer males slobbering than a white girl slobbering a black. I can stop looking at either, but in the case of the homos I can get it out of my mind as I can the huge, long-dead rats and so forth I have seen in the third world. The miscegenation pairing hits my forebrain: the poor kids! Sex is to perpetuate. But that black is DESTROYING the blond beauty he wants so badly.

But the ONLY point here is that the media loves to offend us but does not offend the fundamentalists and Catholic Wordists. The fact is that HITLER objected to homosexuality so anyone who objects to homoism is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews as much as a white separatist is.

I was baptized and confirmed Orthodox style but given a Catholic baptism certificate because the Melkite Church is Orthodox except that it is allied with the Pope and uses the filioque. In that Church I was baptized and confirmed at the same ceremony.

Come Lent, I told my priest what I would TRY to give up, I said: “I will TRY to give up being anti-Catholic.” From a Bible Belt-raised grandson of a circuit-riding preacher this is not easy. I remember the self-righteous Catholics who had the only integrated schools in South Carolina. I remember they would often side with the Yankees who actually treated them like sharecroppers in the real world, the Buckleys who despised ethnic Catholics who were not ANGLO-Irish.

I want THEIR “prejudices” offended, too.

So I am very serious about homo slobber. I want these fundamentalists and Catholics to be offended the way I am offended.

But I wouldn’t bring it up if I didn’t think it makes a very to-the point argument.

But don’t DWELL on it. REPEAT it and see if it works. Use it and then THINK about it to see how you can use it best.