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White Racial Suicide is NOT Affirmative Action or Immigration or Just Birthrates

Just as my ideas seemed absurd in my youth and are commonplace reality now, there is another that is in the same category, starting now. This is that the Mongoloid race will be dying out soon.

This is for the same reason that almost all Ancient Oriental Wisdom was a an Aryan had once. Buddhism was invented by the blue-eyed Buddha, though almost everybody thinks if him as Oriental. Kung Fu, that epitome of Oriental Wisdom, was brought from India by a man who the Chinese say drilled a hole in a hole with his BLUE eyes.

Aquatic rice was developed in India. But it was the Orientals who were capable of enough regimentation to produce the paddy culture, where ten metric tons, 22,000 pounds, of rice can be produced on a single acre, plus another small crop of other vegetables each year.

I would imagine white people brought the wheel to Asia. A usable wheel is unique to Eurasia, and it came from outside the Middle East. The Hyksos brought the wheel to Egypt. If that were not part of written history, Egypt would be said to be where the wheel was invented, just as the weave of the cloth on the white mummies in China was declared to have been invented in the Middle East a thousand years after those white people died.

I doubt seriously that the Hyksos invented the wheel.

They got it from that vague to the northeast of the Middle East, just as the Chinese almost certainly did, or from white India.

All this, like Zoroastrianism, are points I have mentioned, before but one must THINK about them to get extensions like the coming extinction of the Mongoloids.

Orientals take what we develop and go with it. But it is not theirs, and they cannot control it. Japan is now in a birthrate bust worse than any European country. China’s one-child-per-couple law is enforced on a Stalinist basis.

It was the rice they got from white India which made Orientals multiply so much. Now they have hold of the birth control mania.

I have also pointed out that Orientals are much more aware of what I have said than we are. Twice Japanese Prime Ministers got into trouble by worrying publicly about the drop of US IQ due to Hispanic immigration. It seems rather obvious to the Japanese that if you bring in lower IQs your average goes down so they didn’t know they couldn’t say that until the Western media exploded over it.


In the next decade or the next generation Orientals are going to suddenly realize their population is plummeting, especially relative to the darks and blacks. About that time, our own geometrically increasing percentage of people who show this concern will be hitting proportions that cannot be ignored.

But that concern must be channeled in directions that is NOT harmless to THE present Politically Correct goal. As long as it is just a matter of numbers, whites will go and Orientals salvaged if it is just a matter of numbers.

White countries already have enough nonwhites, especially with their rate of natural increase, to do away with us by INTERMARRIAGE. If our attention can be riveted to POPULATION, no alliance for survival will be made with Orientals. They don’t have non-whites pouring in, so all they need is to increase their birthrate.

So yelling about affirmative action and immigration makes plenty of good yelling on Stormfront, hell even National Review is getting in on that stuff. The issue is interracial breeding.