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Reality Versus the Only True Faith

I have pointed out that there is fundamental conflict between freedom of speech and country based on a Truth. A country based on loyalty to one’s own kind can accept any truth. But a society which is only based on some Principles, on some words, cannot allow too much contradiction of those words.

One must either enforce Truth or some particular Truth. Respectable conservatives agree with liberals that America represents a Truth, in their case Family Values or some version of Judeo-Christianity, versus the Truth of Political Correctness. They also insist that America is founded on the “self-evident” truths of the Declaration of Independence rather than on the “WE the People” of the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers had watched Europe battle over the Only True Faith. They had watched the Thirty Years War, the Inquisition, the wiping out of the Palatinate by Louis XIV to make it Catholic, the whole panorama of wars for Truth.

In fact, those wars were the way a major part of our population ended up here. And they had had enough of it. So the Declaration of Independence was a propaganda document for Europeans written in wartime. It was largely an appeal to French liberals, and the all men are created equal crap was an excellent expression of what the FRENCH Revolution, and its resulting Terror and its military dictatorship, were based on.

The Constitution was for US, to be adopted by OUR states. Its only reference to the European Truth Plague was to ban the Federal imposition of ANY religion.

The Constitution assumed that the white movement to America, which was just an extension of the white waves across Europe so many times before, was the basis of America. They assumed local and racial loyalties would provide a society, and they wrote a contract which allowed for these different interests and LOYALTIES to bargain.

The Founding Fathers would have laughed out loud at Lincoln’s declaration that the Union existed before the states. Washington referred to Virginia as “my country” right up until his election as president. National Review WORSHIPS Lincoln and it has had cover articles declaring that the Declaration, not the Constitution, is the basis of America.

Until you get this perversion clearly in your mind you will have no historical context. As long as you feel you cannot have a racial loyalty unless it is based on IQ tests, you are just one more of the Political Correctness — National Review — Inquisition — Judeo-Christian mix.

Our problem is not the way the left-right argument is going,, it is the left-right argument itself.