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Exposing Absurdity Means Not BEING Absurd

It is very important for us to search for life on other planets because we certainly won’t find it here.

I was watching a documentary which said “Nothing could live on Venus.”

Why? Because of the heat and pressure. The pressure on Venus is less than that on the vents where life abounds. The heat down there is well above that used for sterilizing water. It is cooler than Venus’ surface, but jumping from life thriving at 400 to life thriving at 900 is not is not much of a leap.

The atmosphere of Venus is very very thick Carbon Dioxide. We are a carbon-based life form. So while the hydrothermal vents have given hope of finding life on a moon of Jupiter, under the ice cover, Venus is will considered impossible.

Well, thermal vent life on earth considers it impossible to live up here, so Venusian life would have the same reaction to our cold earth with its near-vacuum atmosphere.

I think there is life on Venus.

Back when I was a boy and snakes had legs, there was a recitation of what conditions were necessary for life. Even when I first heard this recitation in sixth grade, I thought, “It means life like US.” The conditions certainly excluded life in the five-mile-deep thermal vents we didn’t know about yet.

Others besides myself noticed that the conditions for life were very narrow, but the DEFINITION of life given routinely in our classrooms described fire. This was back when every textbook and even comic books declared that “Modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in inherited abilities.”

Whenever the Genome Project brings up something that can be used to push the old line on race it hits the literature. Most peopled don’t even remember each line after it has been abandoned.

In a recent interview we were talking about Obama’s Nobel Prize. I pointed out that anybody who does Political Correctness a favor gets a mantel full of Prizes. Sometimes the Awards come in so quickly they are embarrassing. The black reporter for the New York Times who was exposed for making up his stories was up to his neck in Awards. A black woman who made up a huge story about a child dope addict and her interviews with him had a Pulitzer Prize they had to take back.

An Emory Professor who wrote a book about how early Americans had no guns was exposed for making up his sources. Once again, the Awards he had already gotten were legion and had to be taken away, along with his job.

For every one of these cases, there are a hundred that are not exposed. There are no scandals in the press, so the two cited here represent hundreds not exposed. In fact, the Washington Post, which demanded full accountability from every other profession, had been debating for months whether to keep the false reporter on.

A tenured professor, much les a tenured LEFTIST professor, is next to impossible to fire, so this one case at Emory gives you some idea how reliable academic stuff that backs Political Correctness is. The professor’s awards and the reporters’ awards would never have been questioned if they been just a little more careful in making up their stuff.

If you can get anything that backs the Politically Correct line it will be published. No one ever notices if it is dropped later.

It was the same with the old line “Modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in inherited abilities.” As a matter of fact, every professor who ended breaking up this nonsense, like Jensen, started out by believing this orthodoxy implicitly. They were each just looking for a confirmation as a side note, and couldn’t find it.

One of the brief headlines of the Genome Project was that all men were from one “African woman.” It turned out that the “woman” referred to was two million years ago. Even that was probably not true.

But who is going to look into it? It took a generation before the old “Modern anthropologists have proven all races are equal in inherited ability” crap got knocked out and the price paid by those who did it was great. It will be along cold day in Hell before THEY get any awards for it.

This is why I keep emphasizing that information is a PRODUCT. You always have to ask why is a piece of crap and/or information produced. In other words, what information WILL be produced with the incentives in place?

Instead of this very obvious and practical approach, people put together tomes on giant conspiracies. They never seem to talk about things like, “Who is going to QUESTION PC orthodoxy? What will happen to them if they do?

We all know that the one place where there is titanic power and money and NO SCANDALS is in the media. But when I mention this, people react by saying “Of course not.”

They then chuckle and go back to their Vast Conspiracy stuff. If you are dealing with someone who rejects all that conspiracy stuff, your average Joe, he laughs too. He knows very well that a reporter can get caught lying and be OK, both black reporters cited above are doing just fine, thank you, and you may be assured the Emory professor has found plenty of employment that pays better than his old job.

But from the internal memos on the subject we also know that no reporter on the New York Times DARED tell the story of his openly lying colored comrade. None of this would surprise anybody. But if there are lots of people who can be quoted as turning these obvious realities into a Giant Conspiracy, this simple truth can be covered up and ignored.

BUGS is dedicated to using common sense, what everybody knows, to explain reality.

It works. Conspiracies don’t.


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