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Communism’s Cargo Cult

I pointed out previously in some detail how Mao’s Great Leap Forward, a crippling disaster, was caused by Mao being Shrewd. Communists insist that running an economy is something Intellectuals can do. They always feel cheated because the capitalists have some secret.

I wish you had all seen a documentary about North Korea. It freezes your gizzard. All the pictures on walls are of The Leader. It takes you a while to understand the old lady is thanking The Leader thinking of an old woman and giving her the apartment.

The documentary is about a doctor who went to North Korea and did a hundred or so simple sty removals on blind people there. All of them, when the bandages were removed and they could see, thanked the Leader. No one mentioned the doctor.

Communism is PRIMITIVE. It is a Cult, like Political Correctness. So is the idea that there is some SECRET, some KEY to capitalist success. Mao decided that all of the Western countries produced STEEL. So he set up a Great Leap Forward dedicated to producing steel.

Meeting the STEEL quota was all that mattered. I don’t need to tell you what the result was. Tiny smelters were attempted everywhere they should have been producing the few instruments required for rice production. As usual, the stuff written down as steel was nothing of the sort. They melted stuff down.

Khrushchev came over to America in the 50s and he found out what the American Secret was: America produced CORN. So Russians, already on the brink of starvation, were ordered to plant American-style corn.

Russia is not America. You can plant maize almost anywhere here and it will grow to some extent. Only a Communist would ORDER it to grow most places north of Crimea.

As I have described, Stalin decided that Communism made people perfect, so genetics didn’t matter. He murdered the whole Medicogenetical Institute and put Lysenko in charge of Soviet genetic. Lysenko decided to make winter wheat by freezing summer wheat for a while, and that was one of his more logical ideas.

Only Communism could make the Breadbasket of Europe starve.

The problem is it is hard for us to abandon the long discourses and big words respectable conservatives use and talk about a Cult. It is hard for us to look at the Harvard faculty that takes Communism seriously and the Jewish Geniuses who have this elaborate scheme that a mere human can barely see the outlines of and laugh at them as a Cargo Cult.

If you don’t know what the Cargo Cult is, please let me know.

But Communists have repeatedly gone the Cargo Cult Route and been worshiped for it.

Kissing liberal hiney makes a living for respectable conservatives but it wont sell, first and foremost because it isn’t TRUE.



BUGS is Back

I’m sure a lot of you were wondering about our sudden disappearance from the internet. Don’t worry folks, BUGS isn’t going anywhere for a long long time.

Well, what happened?

The hosting company suffered a power outage, and as the servers were coming back online, the storage system desynchronized and started throwing errors. They purchased a better server, which will give us faster access to our new pages and your favorites. Then they loaded every website one at a time, which is why we were down so long.

In short, BUGS is back online and better than ever and to our loyal commenters and readers, we thank you for your concern and support.

-The BUGS staff.


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