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Life After Man Follow-up

Life After Man showed what would be left after man disappeared from the earth. What they did not go into is the real relevance of the program.

For example, the only monument left after a few thousand years would be the Stone Mountain Confederate Monument. Mount Rushmore is too open to the weather. You know how there is a standard “Future Uniform” on the old TV shows to show someone comes from the Future, the one with the pointed ridges on the shoulders?

If the only thing people or evolved monkeys of the future had was the Stone Mountain Monument, they might have a standard picture of human beings, all wearing Confederate uniforms!

Suits me.

But we have images we KNOW are just as absurd, but we keep them. The Classical Buildings like our capitols and monuments would cause anyone from ancient times to roll on the ground laughing. We poor little barbarians found gray stone statues and gray stone buildings in Greece and Rome and built MORE gray stone buildings!

We now know that NO Roman or Greek would have left a statue or building we way we left anything like THAT! Hey stupid, the PAINT wore off!

But is you look at “I, Claudius” on BBC or Educational TV, you will see that he is surrounded by those same discredited, gray statues. But it is NOT the masses who produce this crap. It is the Intellectuals. They set up the fashion, and they will not let it go.

This is what Joe Sobran, in his Foreword to my last book, called “the ignorance of the intellectuals.”

The natural follow up to Life After Man would be a series showing what historians would have concluded if historians looked at what was left after a hundred years, a thousand years, five thousand years, and what the history would look like in each case.

Our entire accepted history is based on the idea that Intellectuals are the basis of Progress. So they developed this Renaissance nonsense. Those who wrote looked back to the last time in history there was a society based on lots of writing and Intellectuals. In our case, that was the Classical Age. Then they declared that Progress only reached us because we “rediscovered” the Classical Age.

Actually, I cannot find a single idea, and there must be SOME, that we used from Classical Times. In fact, the whole history of nineteenth century medicine is our getting RID of the crap Galen and others left behind, and getting back to common sense.

The Classical Building nonsense and the picture of all of us wandering around in Confederate uniforms falls in with the article I just wrote about Cargo Cult Communism.

Those science fiction shows from the 30s and 60s showing everybody in 2009 walking around in uniforms with pointed shoulder decorations were SEEN as what they were: a cheap way to say, “This is the Future.” But if one of the writers had said “This is REALLY what the future will look like.” we would have questioned his sanity.

What if those writers insisted, one and all, that all people in the future would REALLY wear those uniforms? They would have been instantly discredited. Yet those who continue to build those ridiculous “Classical” things and put them in their “educational” shows are considered Intellectuals!

Those who try to trace all Progress back to the Middle East are our official Intellectuals. Their history is exactly like the classical statues. When they dated Stonehenge, it had always been assumed that the henges we found from that age started in the Middle East and ended up in Britain. Actual dating showed that was a HERESY: Those buildings STARTED in the North and the latest ones were in the Sacred Middle East.

Like the “classical” buildings, this was a non-problem for our Ruling Intellectuals. They are still building Classical Buildings and so forth in gray stone. No discovery has altered our Ex Oriente Lux history in the slightest.

In India there is that single piece of advanced, tempered steel sticking up. While all iron technology is dutifully traced to the Middle East, this one piece of steel is more advanced than anything produced before the twentieth century. It doesn’t fit, so it is ignored.

When those Aryan mummies ere found in China, they were ignored. They had on clothes stitched in a way that history said was invented in the Middle East a thousand years AFTER these people lived. I am willing to bet history STILL says the same thing. China had iron industry, and China had lots of Writers and Intellectual, so it must have INVENTED that technology. They didn’t even invent rice paddies!

But history says they did. It simply ignores any troublesome possibilities and goes right on implying that China is the Ancient and Original Genius. Accepted history lies less directly than by simply implications people have already absorbed. But having the Emperor Claudius wandering around between statues he would have laughed at is a lie, and a big one.

We must stop coddling the Intellectuals. We must call a Cult a Cult and an ignorant barbarian influence of our Intellectuals like the Classical crap what it is.

Respectable conservatives, as always, are worse than useless. Nobody quotes more untranslated Latin and Renaissance history nonsense than the Buckley types. They are the LAST people who might call those Intellectual ignoramuses what they are.

That is why they get the respectable label. That is why they get paid.