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A Gift From Kelso

A few posts ago, Bob announced that Kelso had set up a new forum,

In addition to the “hostage” stamp, Kelso has given Bob and us our own sub-forum called Bob Whitaker’s place.

Thank you, Mr. Kelso!


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It’s Getting Really Blatant

The Wilson Quarterly had the usual article on Africa, why is it so hopeless? It was the same article I have seen all my life. It discredited all the old theories about disease and socioeconomic this that and the other, and ended with the big question mark such an article always does.

Professor Wilson, of the team of Watson and Crick who discovered DNA, was fired for stating the answer to this puzzle some time back. It would seem impossible for a tenured Nobel Prize winner to be fired at his advanced age, but it was no problem. Since Jensen and Rushton’s work and the best-selling status of The Bell Curve, the fact that blacks have a low average IQ has not been seriously questioned by anybody who can read.

Watson’s statement was not debated. It was simply stated that no one should SAY that in public. The stagnation of Africa is not as important as enforcing the rule that no one can say what everybody knows. Repeat, the POINT is not seriously debated.

When he Wilson Quarterly did an article on freedom of speech which I discussed before, “Stating that races have different IQs” was one of the things they writer was astounded by. Like everybody who has ever opposed freedom of speech, he said that this simply CANNOT be right.

If you are a respectable conservative and you want to keep being fed, this question is NOT to be brought up.

Which leaves the ball entirely in OUR court.

The Genome Project is performing the same function I became very familiar with fifty years ago. Back then, “modern anthropologists have proven that all races are equal in innate abilities” was so standard a statement that I saw it in the World Almanac and in COMIC BOOKS. One of the three founders of the Genome Project gave his money to the Black Panthers.

The other day I saw the usual documentary which said that every man on earth was more kin to every other than chimpanzees in the same family were to each other.

I like to point out, and I am the only person who WILL, that in order to be allowed to practice forensic medicine, you have to be ready and able to do two things: 1) Tell the race of a corpse from scraps of skin or pieces of bones long past their prime, and 2) Swear on the witness stand that race does not exist.

I always ask readers to think of WHY information is produced.

In the case of the Genome Project, try to imagine the possibility that they could have come to any OTHER conclusion than that all races are exactly alike. The project was held up a long time before those giving out grants were assured that the project would not bring out any Heresy. As I say, the donation of one of the proposer’s prize money to the black panthers was a public assurance of his Orthodoxy.

If a Nobel Prize Laureate gets fired for saying the wrong thing about race, what are the chances a project costing tens of millions of dollars would get funded without being vetted first?

My point here is that there is no longer any question about the facts. It is entirely a matter of what one is allowed to SAY. The suppression is no longer hiding, AT ALL.

This is a great example of how respectable conservatives serve our enemies. They can be counted never to mention this open suppression. In fact, Buckley was the only regular national columnist to ENDORSE imprisoning people for racial heresy.

Emmanuel Kant said it best. A student pointed out to him that something he said contradicted the facts. His reply was, “So much the worse for the facts.”