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There is the Book, Marx, Koran, Old Testament, Gospel, Wisdom of Confucius,

Then there is the Institution, Church, Party, Islam. Institutions follow evolution, survival of the fittest, regardless of what Book they claim to be following.

As a result, every Institution must explain why it looks like every other institution it is competing with for the same population. The Communist must explain why the Worker’s Liberation Country needs to be a concentration camp. There were those who noted that putting all the peasants of a country under the Interdict to collect money from the King did not violate “What you do unto the least of these…”

In short, somebody has to explain what the Book says is what the Institution does. In plain English, it wakes a lot of Doublethink to fit an institution into the Book. This explanation of Doublethink comes in massive volume.

It is called Commentary. Every religion, including the secular ones, has mountains of Commentary. Commentary is the exact opposite of Mantra Thinking. There are mountains of Socialist Commentary on why the Bolsheviks tried to abolish money in 1917-1920 and then switched to The New Economic Policy. The New economic policy consisted ENTIRELY of a partial return to capitalism.

Marxist and Mommy Professor Commentary devotes volumes to such explanations, and get paid for it. The only explanation they avoid is that communism is silly. Can you imagine the word “silly” being used by any Wordist Commentary or any respectable conservative?

“Silly” is a Mantra Thinking word. It is a term no one who fancies himself as an Intellectual would use about Other Great Philosophers.

Mantra Thinking says that if you have to write tomes about it, it probably isn’t true. A society supports a huge number of people who could not make a living outside Wordism, in our case lawyers, judges, and Mommy Professors. What gives them free access to the public trough is the term “Simplism.”

As Justice Frankfurter said, “To say that a law means what it says is case of PERNICIOUS oversimplification.” Anyone who just notices what WORKS and what doesn’t is an “anti-intellectual.”

They MEAN that. A world where people avoid motional quotations and just note what WORKS would starve the self-styled Intellectuals and Modern Thinkers to death.