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That Silly Ass Edison

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

If you ever wonder where the World War II Generation for its bullshit, look at that remark floating around in a punchbowl.

WHY WAS THIS INFORMATION PRODUCED? Why did Edison SAY that? It was to show that his success was not due to his UNEARNED natural genius, but to his being Tough, Hard-Working and Dedicated. The only difference between him and Karl Marx was that Marx said all production was 100% labor.

But Edison was not thinking about philosophy. He was thinking about HIMSELF.

Edison worked all those hours because he had a delightful MIND, which he did not EARN, to work with. Unimaginative people like sports better. If you’re good with your body, you are more likely to like sports than mental exercises.

But even the dumbest jock would not say that they would be a star tackle if they weighed 120 pounds and WORKED at it. Yogi Berra would not even make a JOKE like that.

But Edison’s piece of pure bullshit is quoted all the time, and no one is smart enough to laugh.