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History Makes All the Difference

There is a passage in the New Testament about when the Jews become Christians. This led to Luther’s error in trying to convert the Jews and to many errors before. Luther was ignorant of the fact that “Jews” at the time the New Testament was written constituted about a TENTH of the ENTIRE Roman population, and they had nothing to do with what Luther thought of as “Jews.”

Luther also took out six hundred years of Jewish Biblical text because it was written in GREEK. “Jews” in the first century consisted almost entirely of Hellenized Jews, who did not use Hebrew AT ALL. So Luther thought the “Jews” as he defined them, Hebrew-users, were the Jews discussed in the New Testament.

In fact, Luther was the least of these gross misjudgments that the gross ignorance of history caused in the Church. Everybody is so obsessed with feeling guilty about the persecution of Jews that it never occurs to them that the Jews had a unique privilege.

Jews were the ONLY group allowed to practice anything but Christianity and stay alive. They became the ONLY group allowed to practice the local version Christianity and survive. Catholics were burned in Protestant lands and vive-versa.


When the New Testament predicted the conversion of the Jews it was, in fact, a correct prediction. The six million Hellenic Jews in the Empire became Christian. In couple of centuries later were no more Hellenic Jews. In short, I am denying the Roman Holocaust in which six million Roman Jews died.

But in a sense there WAS a Holocaust. Obviously as Hellenic Jews converted to the new faith, there was no tolerance of Hellenic Jews remaining Jews. They disappeared as totally as did the Jews in Europe during Hitler’s rule.

Nobody insists all the Hellenic Jews were killed because there’s no money in it. Someone could make a mint enforcing the Roman Holocaust.

But the point is that Church officials and Luther were ignoramuses. Their definition of “Jews” was as accurate as someone saying that the Privy Council met in an outhouse.