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Horus and Simmons, the Wisdom and the Danger

Simmons says he may have committed BUGS heresy by just saying something is anti-white garbage and then stomping out. I don’t know anything about heresy, my specialty is human proclivities. Nothing is more human than intellectual laziness.

It was a major step forward when commentators stopped telling each other what the latest news gambit was and started talking about HOW TO MAKE OUR POINT. Just SAYING “anti-white” is step forward, but like all points it can get out of hand. Pretty soon you can end up are just saying something cute and walking out.

Which is how respectable conservatives make their living. And nobody gives Simmons more of a shiver than an rcon.

In the discussion Simmons talks about the only person there who knows WHY statements are anti-white is Simmons. Making the point of the Mantra is very, very hard, and any normal human being would prefer to say something and walk away.

I don’t think Horus is just giving an excuse for the least effort. But I know PEOPLE, and what he says can END UP being used that way.

We are in a unique position because we have to THINK about what we say. That is why so many BUGS comments are off track. No Jehovah’s Witness has to THINK about how to present his statement, neither does any disciple of Political Correctness. What we must do has already been done for them. So our task is VERY hard to understand. But ours is the most important part of ANY movement.

I have been in thousands or tens of thousands of face-to-face confrontations. I learned to ask myself: “What did I DO?” Bill Rusher wrote a book called “How to Win an Argument.” As you well know, that is precisely what I do NOT have in mind. A victory for me is usually when I leave the discussion and the subject of that particular debate is forgotten by everybody but my point is not.

If Simmons just leaves the concept that one can be anti-white, he has done SOMETHING. But if he stops there in most cases, it is useless. Our point today is that we have only two options: pro-white and anti-white. Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race. It is genocide.

You don’t have to tell ME how hard this point is to get across. But it is seldom that the first shot sinks a ship. Very often a shot across the bow won the ARGUMENT.

But that, gentlemen, is not war.