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Yes, Simmons, It’s Necessary

To answer Simmons’ question at the end, it happens to be what the blog at its best is all about.

Simmons replies to my last article on him and Horus:

I thought I was clear of what audience I foisted my Mantra heresy upon. Horus calls them people of the consensus trance, Caste Football calls them the “drunk white fans”, and Bob calls them Mommy Prof’s puppets, but one thing they have in common is that they do not think, they are conditioned and trained to hold and speak certain yiews. Debating them is like debating your TV and I mean that literally because the TV tells them what to say and how to act and what to buy and basically how to live their lives.

Your point is well taken it is about Genocide, but first I do the yeoman’s work of the thin edge of the wedge that breaks down the crazy Aunt Sally level of Political Correctness which is that thin shell which protects the yolk, basically by projecting an image of out of control hysteria. (or the Blazing Saddles version, “stop or I shoot the nigger”)

Break down the fear of the crazy Aunt Sallies then the Mommy Profs are ours, they are like bald baby mice, and the cat has found their nest. First, “Anti-white” then “Genocide”, first we create people who can stand up to the CASs then we feed them the line of genocide then the profs feel the fangs.

Abstract polemical thought is all good and well, but remember the Simmons theorem, “Its all personal.” Abstract hypothesis is just that, abstract.

If needed I will cite personal examples of how this works from my own experiences and from others on our board, but for now modesty bids me to quit.