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Yes, Simmons, It’s Necessary

Posted by Bob on December 8th, 2009 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

To answer Simmons’ question at the end, it happens to be what the blog at its best is all about.

Simmons replies to my last article on him and Horus:

I thought I was clear of what audience I foisted my Mantra heresy upon. Horus calls them people of the consensus trance, Caste Football calls them the “drunk white fans”, and Bob calls them Mommy Prof’s puppets, but one thing they have in common is that they do not think, they are conditioned and trained to hold and speak certain yiews. Debating them is like debating your TV and I mean that literally because the TV tells them what to say and how to act and what to buy and basically how to live their lives.

Your point is well taken it is about Genocide, but first I do the yeoman’s work of the thin edge of the wedge that breaks down the crazy Aunt Sally level of Political Correctness which is that thin shell which protects the yolk, basically by projecting an image of out of control hysteria. (or the Blazing Saddles version, “stop or I shoot the nigger”)

Break down the fear of the crazy Aunt Sallies then the Mommy Profs are ours, they are like bald baby mice, and the cat has found their nest. First, “Anti-white” then “Genocide”, first we create people who can stand up to the CASs then we feed them the line of genocide then the profs feel the fangs.

Abstract polemical thought is all good and well, but remember the Simmons theorem, “Its all personal.” Abstract hypothesis is just that, abstract.

If needed I will cite personal examples of how this works from my own experiences and from others on our board, but for now modesty bids me to quit.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 12/08/2009 - 1:35 pm

    Bob’s era ended in 1992 to put a date on it, Bob debated serious subjects with at least semi-serious politicos, but the Cold War ended and the commie threat disappeared and Bill Clinton came along and made the soccer moms the swing vote. From that point PC went from college campus phenom to our new found religion, predicated it seems on the point that the new swing vote never have a bad day or that bad thoughts disrupt the day care center of their lives. We live in the “View” that horrible show on ABC.

    That said there is a woman on our board who is concerned about her daughter’s lack of concern over the white race’s plight. So our friend sends her daughter all sorts of abstract political thought/news and all for naught it seems. Debating her is useless all you will end up with is a recital of mommy prof speak. That makes it the place for a simple declaritive sentence such as I mentioned “That is anti-white garbage that my grand children should not have inflicted upon them, stop it.”

    In my life my friends had literally a Crazy Aunt Sally, an overweight depressive lesbian wacko who literally was terrorizing the family and the women were bent over trying to placate her and the men were paralyzed and drinking the problem away. Two sentences from me and CAS was put in her place and almost a productive family member again, and to this day no one in the family remembered how I created the turnaround, even if the lesbowacko nearly got choked out, but then again she was a threat to the grand children and none of the women were gonna stand to be held RESPONSIBLE for that.

    Bob gives this too much respect, everything PC touches degrades to a farce.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 12/08/2009 - 2:14 pm

    A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on another CAS type I know and her reactions to some mild commentary on my part and on the part of some faux type A Tiger Woods wannabee males sent her into a near physical breakdown that shut up the loudmouths, pronto once they recognized her emotional state. We must not upset Crazy Aunt Sally you know, might interfere with our bad golf game or something.

    This is where the global warming debate is headed, declare the debate over make it an untouchable subject that if broached will upset the CAS of our society and voila science has been reduced into evil spirit boogey man.

    Dave mentioned “Animism” the other day, yep I agree.

  3. #3 by Dave on 12/09/2009 - 12:30 am


    The crime of the “Greatest Generation” is they upped the ante in legitimizing a psychotic way thinking.

    Universal bullying was the real cause of the “Greatest Generation”. The “Greatest Generation” wrote the book on bullying. It is what they really believed and it was the only thing they really believed.

    I don’t care if it is Rush Limbaugh. I don’t care if it is Mark Shields. I don’t care if it is Sarah Palin. I don’t care if it is Nancy Pelosi. I don’t care if it is President Obama himself. I don’t even care if it is minor characters like Gary North of the Lew Rockwell Institute.

    If you listen to their real voices, regardless of their ideological persuasion, all they are doing is advocating bullying. To me they all share the same thing in common. They love the idea of bullying and they deeply want to bully people.

    If you know bullies, you know they are cowards. And if you know bullies, you know how this psychotic stuff gets going. And when this psychotic stuff really gets going, like it’s going today, it blows. Man oh man does it ever blow hard.

    That is our situation today, universal bullying and psychotics everywhere. No wonder so many of us break apart emotionally and spiritually in this climate. No wonder there are so many Aunt Sally’s.

    But then there are those who make heroic efforts to set things right.

    To put things right.

    That’s where Robert Whitaker and his kind come in.

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