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Fort Hood Shooting: Even Monty Python Thought It Was Silly

On a Monty Python episode they showed some English gangsters threatening a military base. They talked to the base commander and said, “You have some nice Tanks, etc. here, be shame if anything happened to them…” and so forth.

I was really interested in how the British military COULD handle such a problem, but the skit was interrupted because it was “too silly.”

We just had a case at Fort Hood where twelve soldiers were killed and over thirty injured because there was a single shooter and the military had no weapons. They let themselves be shot down like school kids.

I remember numerous occasions when US Navy ships let Russian ships shove them out of the way, when one Soviet sailor jumped on the American ship and claimed asylum, they gave him back for prison.

The US military cannot protect American borders.

So what WOULD a British commander do if his base were threatened?

Call the unarmed Local Constabulary. We all know from Gitmo and illegal aliens that everybody is entitled to constitutional protection. When someone comes in with a REAL gun no one wonders why soldiers are as helpless as high school students. We all take it for granted.

What if the gangsters don’t WANT to go with the Local Constabulary?

In short, how would the skit have gone if they had tried to finish it?