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Ventura’s Plots

Jesse Ventura is from Minnesota, and I’d never heard him praise anyone but liberal Republicans like Lowell Weicker and Democrats. He won as an Independent, but the congressman from Vermont is listed as an Independent though he makes it very clear he is a Socialist, big and little s.

So I expected his Conspiracy series to be a short-term deal that “exposed” all the racist and right-wing plots we have seen “exposed” nightly for decades. Even I, a documental, turn off those shows that repeat what the hippies have been saying over and over for forty years. So when I started watching Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” I kept my hand on the remote.

I have seen two of them. I was surprised by the first and stunned by the second. The last one was an attack on what, next to getting rid of the white race, is Holy Grail No. 2 for Old Hippiedom.

Ventura QUESTIONED environmentalism. What is critical here is that he said something I said a third of a century ago: Money and power drives the left as well as it does rightism. Prior to my “A Plague on Both Your Houses,” 1976, no liberal and therefore no respectable conservative ever even imagined that the hundreds of billions spent on the War on Poverty or public education could cause LIBERALS to get greedy or power hungry. No one MENTIONED money on the left.

Our societal assumption is that Jews cannot hate. Anti-Semites’ only motivation is Hate, but Jews can only have Righteous Indignation. Likewise, rightists are driven by Greed and a Hunger for Power while leftists are sometimes misguided or overenthusiastic Idealists. If the Nazis had had a Berlin Wall at their borders to keep people in, there would be an illustration of it in every history book from the fourth grade on.

But one of the many requirements for being a respectable type conservative is that one share this assumption with liberals to the point where it is never even mentioned. This is a Law of Survival for professional conservatives.

Until you REALIZE this, really REALIZE it, Ventura’s second program will not jump out at you. It was the first time I have EVER seen a program on national television say that a popular LEFTIST cause could be used for evil purposes.

Think about it, have you EVER HEARD of such a thing?

When one walks on forbidden ground, one makes good points. I can’t HELP but make good points here, because I am treading ground absolutely forbidden to all professional commentators. Conspiracy shows don’t sell because we all know what they will say, and they will say it for the hundredth time. They have to use public funds or leftist money to produce yet another exposition of the fact that a Communist whom Kennedy had let back into the United States from the USSR shot Kennedy.

Ventura’s program on 9/11 pointed out that NEVER BEFORE had the black box from a land crash been lost. FOUR of them, ALL of them were “lost” on 9/11. Ventura not only pointed this out, he HAMMERED on it.

Once again, this NEVER happens in the professional media. If I get a point like this, it is because I am listening very carefully. But Ventura, REPEATED that point over and over, the way a leftist does his points. Some professional conservatives who have some shreds of a conscience and a mind left will slip them in. Ventura slammed this one home.

This CAN’T last.


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