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As with Edison, we must take apart an old Wise Saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

The enemy of your enemy CAN be your ALLY. Temporarily. On a case by case basis. We like to see supporters of Israel, the people who have dedicated themselves to ridding the earth of our race, taking a hit. The only country on earth which goes on record as calling the Holocaust a hoax is Islamic. We cheer them on.

In college the most active supporters of my seat in the Student Senate were Arabs. I buddied around with them They were my friends on a PERSONAL basis. It is no surprise to you that I have had friends that give a new meaning to the word “diversity.”

The people around us think they can only have friends if they profess a drooling love for the whole unique and “amazingly sophisticated” virtues of each person’s special race and religion, while at the same time stating that all races and cultures are exactly the same. They note a little distance from minorities, but set that down to their innate Evil and Prejudice, thought all races are innately the same.

If such a drooling, fawning schizophrenic was pawing at you, you would be a little distant, too. Blacks and Jews certainly ENCOURAGE this kind of person, because he is a major ally in their goal of getting rid of whites. He is the enemy of their enemy.

But is this groveling mass of self-hatred a FRIEND?

I have worked with and been trusted by a vast array of people, but, unless on some spy mission, I never distorted my personal loyalties and biases to them. My relationship was easy. I don’t know what they REALLY thought. I have had many white “friends” who pretended to like me but hated my guts.

But my alliances and trusts tended to WORK. Whether it turned out they liked me or not was something people insisted on telling me. Codependence is to something someone in my position could afford.

Not only is the enemy of your enemy not automatically your friend, friend is an entirely DIFFERENT relationship.

Moslems can be on your side. I certainly did them a lot of good when the Soviets were in Afghanistan. But that was because the Soviets were my enemies, not because the Mujadin were my friends.

If you want a perfect example of what happens when you mistake people you see as enemies of your enemies as friends, look at the drooling, rolling-on-the-floor-peeing-on-themselves respectable conservatives. Leftist fought Hitler, so they were friends. Leftists got mad about 9/11 when it was fashionable, so they are friends.

Respectable conservatives are always bragging about how some of their best friends are liberals. That is their excuse for never pounding on a point that makes leftists uncomfortable. As soon as a leftist says something is off limits, respectable conservatives get off of it.

But we easily drift off into the error of thinking that the Hannitys and Buckleys are our friends, since they are the official opposition and say things that make sense when it fits their agenda. They are indispensable to our established religion.

Each time you think some Wordist is your ally, think about respectable conservatives. You may lose your lunch, but you won’t lose your principles.