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When I got into international aviation negotiations I wrote Carleton Putnam about it. We had corresponded ten years earlier and he knew who I was. Putnam was founder of Delta Airlines. He never once mentioned that he could help me in the industry.

This is what one expects of our side. They won’t even force their HEIRS to take out side. I have talked about the fact that Communist Party members would routinely rob banks and marry heiresses to get the Party money.

If whites do it it’s called discrimination. When Politically Correct people do it it’s called networking. We used to say that the fashion industry was “run by queers.” Mommy Professor denied this vehemently and it was denounced as Hitlerism.

Until AIDS hit. Then the media mourned the death of practically the entire personnel of the fashion industry.

Then Barbara Walters had a gushy piece wondering why gay men were such great designers. Try to imagine if she had has a program about why white male were naturally such great executives. After all, it hasn’t been long since almost all big executives were white males.

Mommy Professor would immediately point out that whites only got big jobs because they were white and male. But gays have some preternatural genetic gift for designing clothes. Well, maybe it is true that a few more gays are hired because gays are hiring them, but that’s just networking.

The one vocation that depends most on the luck of the draw is acting. Every successful actor is the result of a series of lucky breaks. Even DeNiro, who seems to appear in every movie, will not claim uniqueness in his talent.

And actors just happen to have the political diversity of the Harvard faculty.

So far, I have sounded a lot like a respectable conservative, and my stomach is getting queasy. So let me quote a guy on Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” when Ventura asked, how we let then get away with all this. The man replied:

“They’re smarter than we are.”

Jesse did NOT pursue that naked truth.

No one would expect Putnam to help me by networking. He would do it for his son’s Jewish buddy, I’m sure, but not for politics. It is critical to Political Correctness to keep this mentality, actually this lack of mentality, among respectable conservatives. It is a critical weapon in keeping celebrities far left.

Since it works and is smart, it is principle among the kept opposition to declare NOT doing it for their side a matter of Freedom, personal independence, objectivity, and, of course, Christianity.