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The Children of the Obedient Generation

Like Edison’s utter crap about genius=perspiration, another piece of Common Wisdom needs to be despised: “The Sixties generation was just spoiled. They hadn’t been through the War and the DEPRESSION like we were.”

Bullshit. When you wonder about what the new generation is coming to, you look first to where it is coming FROM. But the WWII Generation, which talked about how one has to take responsibility for his own actions like they did in WORLD WAR II and the Depression, completely disowned any responsibility for their own children.

The Sixties Generation was the last to live on a higher level than its predecessors. So you could say that EVERY generation of Americans was “spoiled.” While the Greatest Generation says the Depression, “taught them something,” then, at the height of the Depression they were spoiled rotten compared to EVERY generation of Asians. Asians would have given anything back then if there were a soup kitchen or if they could ask, “Brother can you spare a dime.” That was a 1932 dime, a dollar or two now, and just for asking!

In Asia you were lucky if anybody dragged your starved corpse away because the ravenous dogs or pigs got it.

The people responsible for the next generation is the last generation. But the Greatest Generation disowned the least responsibility for the children who despised them by the old standby that got them coddled for decades: “We SUFFERED!”

The people who know you best in terms of what they can do are your own children. Children and prisoners have nothing to do except observe their keepers. A guard will spend his time worrying about his family or his politics, but prisoners do nothing all day but try to beat the system. They know all about every guard.

Respectable conservatives absolutely worship the Greatest Generation and absolutely despise its children. And nobody talks more endlessly about how you are RESPONSIBLE for your actions than Respectable conservatives. No one will ever ask them why their Heroes were not responsible for their own children.

In fact, you can only understand why America’s population bust and runaway drug use began in the sixties by looking at the generation that caused. No, the Sixties Generation was no more “spoiled” than any other generation. You have to look at the group that produced them.

No one dares do that.

The Sixties Generation, which I knew well, knew, first of all, that their parents were WIMPS. For the first time in American history, children knew their parents would not defend them. On the Bell Curve, when people will not stand for things, there will be some lynching. The WWII Generation never had one lynching, they also did not have a lot of other things that are a lot farther in on the American Bell Curve.

In any generation before the Greatest, a drug dealer in a high school would have been shot by a parent, and the prosecutor who brought a case against that parent would never be elected to public office again. Until the Obedience Trained Puppies of WWII no jury would even have considered a case against a parent who shot somebody who was trying to push drugs on his children.

No previous generation of Americans would have allowed their children to be used in sociological experiments like integration, much less busing his kids into a ghetto. Not the Greatest. I remember my nausea in the 1960s as the parents of one murdered child after another got on TV to proclaim how they
Did not blame the murderer and would appeal for mercy for them.

That happened all the time, gang.

Earlier Americans always said, “If he breaks into my house, he’s PAID for.” It never occurred to them to argue about the right of a man to protect his family. But the revolutionary change was when the WWII Generation actually sat on juries that send people to prison for life when the prosecutor appealed to their Obedience.

The Sixties Generation was rotten because, quite rightly, it despised the Obedient Generation. As children will, they allowed their dedication to Rebellion to be harnessed and used by the real establishment. The last people who would oppose this would be Obedient Generation.