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The scandal over scientists falsifying data to push the Green agenda made 2009 worth while. Some years back an Emory professors lost his tenured job for simply making up a book’s “facts” to show early Americans didn’t have guns.

It is now established that Franz Boas, now a hero to National Review, made up his information about immigrant traits in the US.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get caught doing this! Who in academia would have the slightest incentive to look into any study which backs a conclusion that people giving out grants and promotions want to be true?

It’s like the idea of a scandal in the press. “What did they know and when did they know it? is strictly for those outside the press. When that black reporter was rising like a rocket at the New York Times while making up his stories out of whole cloth, there was a long series of memos inside the Times debating what to do about it as he continued to manufacture his stuff.

No one expected anything else. Those were the kind of notes that would get a president impeached.

Obviously this sort of thing is not unusual, but anyone who said it happens a lot would be lynched by respectable conservatives.

Every day anybody who wants it on Capitol Hill gets a list of NSF grants. Senator Proxmire used that easy information to denounce grants for projects which sounded extreme. Naturally many he randomly denounced were enormously important to achievements of benefit worth a thousand times their cost.

Grants for research are hard to get. Those who give out the money watch them a LOT closer than Proxmire did. If you come to a conclusion those giving the grants like and it shows up in a documentary or in the press, you will get more of them. If you don’t toe the line, you’ve had it.

In Climategate those pushing the Green agenda said that all their information came from journals which have Holy Peer Review. But they also revised the definition of journals that have peer review. The respectable journals happened to be the ones not questioning the Greens.

The journals that lost respectability should have hired a respectable conservative to show them how to stay inside the line.