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I Told You So

In the late fifties I could see what was coming.

This leads to several observations. Back then the Mantra would have been laughed at. Back then race was considered a problem confined to the Southern States of the USA. For everybody else it was a chance to be self-righteous.

Back then everything they denied would happen is now justified. If you challenge what would have been a nightmare to people 50 years ago, you are ruined in America or imprisoned in Europe.

There was an old WWII type at our club who had repeated all the integration lines so long he reacted automatically. Once we were all talking about the mixed couples at Wal-Mart. I said I had predicted that would come with integration, and he repeated “Integration is not about intermarriage” before he realized where he was, WHEN he was, and what we had just been talking about.

I remember when we laughed at the idea of LOCKING one’s car when it was parked on Main Street: “if we were up North we’d LOCK it.”

I was watching a reality show where a big black beat a white guy in the middle of white crowd, knocking one of his eyes out of the socket. There were at least ten male whites, but they just cowered in the corner like a Distressed Heroine or member of the Obedient Generation.

We are living in several things that would have caused sophisticated laughter when I mentioned them in the early 60s. But I could clearly see where white weakness was leading. No one dares protect their borders. In fact, it is illegal in Europe to think of them as “our” borders.

The bitch about how they would defy America, but they are now all “nations of immigrants.”

Without race, borders are nonsense. What does a multiracial and multicultural “nation,” a real oxymoron, have a right to protect? One minute we are “a nation of immigrants” and the next we are supposed to worry about the living standard of so-called “American workers.”


Who are these so-called “Americans?” Any other time calling them “Americans” would be bigotry. An American is anyone who agrees that all men are not only equal but the SAME.

If a respectable conservative wants to lose his livelihood, the quickest way would be to put these propositions together. He must say there is no such things as an “American” but most conservatives keep their audience by demanding “we” close “our” borders. But none of them will make any anti-immigration type square this with the idea that everybody is an American.

They used to deny that integration was about intermarriage. Now a conservative will say immigration isn’t good because the Mexicans won’t marry his daughter, they refuse to “assimilate.”