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You Don’t Exist

From the point of view of Traditional True Morality, leftist or rightist, you do not exist.

Those who call themselves Pro-Life aren’t. They have not the slightest interest in future generations. Their interest is total and it is concentrated on the moment the sperm hits the egg. St Paul stated flatly that there shouldn’t BE any future generations.

So if you are wondering what the early Christians thought we should do, now you know.

Our established religion today has come to a similar conclusion. Traditional Morality said we produced sin. Political Correctness says we produce carbon. But the conclusion is the same.

The official British government report which recommended childlessness for all whites added, that it was the best thing we could do for our grandchildren, which is standard rhetoric on environmentalist propaganda.

Somehow I felt that there was something oxymoronic in there.

But when it comes to what I call genetic morality, of which no present religion has any, there was the one case where I completely withdrew from any further discussion right here in our own seminar. I had quoted St. Paul’s’ advice to unmarried women. He said that it would be best if they, like him, never engaged in the sexual act at all.

But, said Paul, if a woman is not strong enough to do what she should and be totally sterile, marriage was the only alternative: “It is better to marry than to burn.”

By “burn,” no one knows whether he was referring to the flames of desire or the flames of Hell. But the Church inherited the concept of Zoroastrianism in its degenerate phase that all sex was sinful. In fact, the present Pope and John Paul have restated that doctrine.

I got a bit of a surprise when SEVERAL of our blog people stated flatly that St. Paul was simply restating Traditional Family Values. If his advice were followed, there would be as few traditional Families, or ANY families, as there would be if the British Government’s environmental sterility program were carried out.

When a discussion really slips off the edge of sanity it is best to leave quietly.


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