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Solid Advice From Simmons

Simmons’ comment on the debate I asked you to read is solidly professional:

I read the responses. Some were good. Some quibbled the details with a pet monkey.

How about you query the publishers for a rebuttal to this anti-white propaganda they are responsible for putting on the web (there is that word again).

Remember writing basics 101, the intro must actually introduce what you mean to prove. That means within a few sentences the phrase or “anti-racism is nothing but anti-white”, or something real close to that must appear.


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BBG’s Point

Backbaygrouch’s comment on “No Finger Pointing” deserves to be our article for today:

America has a unique legal doctrine, sometimes called purity of the temple. If the police or the prosecutor violate laws in gathering evidence, the criminal walks. Everywhere else the evidence is allowed and the officials are punished for their acts. In America the public is punished by allowing criminals to walk while the officials seldom face any censure.

The reasoning given is that the inability of the officials to prosecute will discourage wrongful actions. This reasoning escapes the rest of the world where punishment is seen as a greater prod towards adherence to correct methods than immunity for public payroll malefactors. They see no reason to let a criminal walk whenever evidence, rightfully or wrongfully gathered, proves guilt.

In brief in the United States the court system is operated for the benefit of those who run it rather than the public in a way no other nation tolerates, at least in theory. This is illustrative of Bob’s argument. It is so ingrained that most Americans do not even notice it or ever question the manifest stupidity of the situation.