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The Production of Information — Again

If you need a minute to think in a discussion, you can always tell a truth:

“Yes, what you said is the standard line.”

It might be a standard liberal line or the standard Hannity line: “I don’t see a mixed couple. I see two Children of God.”

But it will be a standard line. And that REALLY sets them off. You can have a time out just explaining who all says that all the time and why or just why.

It’s amazing how WN standard tome quoting stays popular while the simple truth drives them NUTS.

This gets us back to what I keep emphasizing. One cannot search for truth until he has learned to automatically consider why the words he hears are produced. It’s exactly like discussing highways without mentioning CARS.

What brought this up is that I was watching a documentary on the gigantic Wisdom of society that is extinct. They supposedly predicted that 2012 would be the End of Days. If they were so prophetic, why are they extinct?

A guy was saying what I have heard all my life: “If you just read the papers you can see the world is headed for a crisis.”

That’s true. The fact is it was ALWAYS true. If you are reporter who reports exclusively on realistic minor threats, you had better have your application out for another job. You know you are in real trouble when they assign you to the “the sewers are breaking down” desk. Or the local flower show.

Most of my life was lived when a slip could literally have caused a nuclear war. Even the professional Doomsday crowd put its clock back 8 pm when the Cold War ended. But the bigger the catastrophe the more people want to hear about it.

Everybody KNOWS that. But nobody does any Mantra Thinking about it. Mantra thinking is so simple it’s never done. If predictions of disaster are hits in a newspaper or documentary, the newspapers and documentaries will be full of predictions of disaster.