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Forget Those Who Will Be Forgotten

Mantra Thinking has a lot of things IN it, but what is most unique about it is what it leaves OUT:

Ego, justifications, conversational twaddle, personalities, fixing blame,
all the things that make up over ninety percent of the wasted go of standard and packaged “thought” today.

Like the Greeks and Romans who made the transition from war by howling charging mobs to units and discipline to beat superior numbers, we are learning to fight the new warfare in an age when there is so much information that the less said the better has become absolutely essential.

Our enemies have control of The Media. They are used to throwing away two solid hours of movie time in drooling over some Social Message. They are used to having so much time on TV that they can totally fog any attempt on the part of the audience to get back to reality.

They are in fact a great deal like the Oriental armies the Greeks and Romans faced, rich, numerous, and used to scaring off all opposition with their seemingly unassailable power.

Later the Spanish fleet won a history-changing victory over the Middle Eastern fleet at Lepanto, but the Armada could not handle the smaller, faster fleet of Elizabethan ships that concentrated on guns, on firepower that hit them at the water line and, when the shots had been fired, simply pulled away and reloaded for shots that COUNTED.

Mantra is not Bob Whitaker thinking. It is a way of thinking whose time has come. I read your comments. More important, I THINK about out your stuff. I LEARN from it. I am doing a good of what I urge YOU to do.

But I am not Mantra Thinking. I keep urging BoardAd to take over more. I keep urging you to get in there and duke it out, not to spread MY message, but to take over this new intellectual strategy, to develop it.

This is the strategy of our AGE, not of me. The Armada of Political Correctness cannot deal with out little boats slipping among them and hitting and then getting the hell out. They have, literally, trillions to spend and a complete domination of what seems to be reality, just as the Orientals had their endless screaming hoards and wealth beyond the imagination of rocky Greece.

Our little boats seem like a joke beside their giant Armada, but we jump in and make holes at the waterline and then go on to others to make more holes at the waterline. When the Armada crushes someone, you see it. But the inches wide holes that destroys them is almost a matter of faith. You fire, you pull back, and the Armada looks exactly as invincible as it did before you fired.

Persia, trained to victory and strategy in the Middle East, smiled to itself when a band of three hundred Spartans was all that the disorganized Greeks could put in their way. The Spartans did not look at the Reality any sane person would have seen. They did not use the excuse that the rest of Greece had left them in the field alone. They did not weigh the possibility that Greece would NEVER get into the field.

Like the Alamo, the Spartans knew one thing: they were the only ones in the field. If there was to be any hope at all, they had to throw all they had into it while those who should have been at their sides were squabbling and trying to placate their enemies.

The three hundred Spartans and the Alamo are only two examples of a continuing theme in the West: the few who fight for no reward, who see what the fight is all about, while their brethren act like the free, disorganized people they are, with all the warts on. It is easy to fight in a World War II, when everybody is with you. It is hard to fight in Viet Nam, where all the most fashionable voices in your own country are denouncing you and in fact carrying the enemy’s flags in the streets. But the Alamo and the three hundred were far, far harder than Nam.

But another untranslated French quote in National Review, another shriek about Jews in SF, are of no importance at all. What is important is what went on in the pass in Greece, what the sleep-starved men at the Alamo were doing.

The Alamo and the three hundred constitute a total of less than half a thousand men. But reality neither knows nor cares what all the respectable conservatives and Big Names of their time were doing. We don’t even KNOW the Big Names of the time.

But hundreds and thousands of years later, we live in the world the Spartans and the Alamo made possible.