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When a Bus Smiles

In a way our battle is against pure childishness. The huge gap between my analysis of the “power-and-money prejudices” of the education-welfare establishment and Ventura’s exposure of the Green Fraud is a matter of maturity. It is good when a child gets a concept, but it’s always “a jillion, billion tootillion of them.”

Ventura has, or can only sell, a concept of Big Bad People dealing in billion, no in this century it’s trillions, of dollars. He is a Minnesota liberal, so it always has to be BIG bad people. On the other hand, to be fair, Jesse has been ELECTED and I haven’t. And he couldn’t have sold his show if it was about political analysis instead of CONSPIRACIES.

When we look at people like Jessie today, all of us have the same problem: How much does he REALLY know? It is hard to imagine that otherwise intelligent people who often know much that we don’t would be unable to see that all the assimilation talk is entirely for WHITE countries, so absolutely that you can draw a line at he Mexican and Japanese border for promoting “assimilation,” that Africa and Asia are exempted by the color of their skins from what we are required to teach about the color of the skin INSIDE white countries.

If they never thought of THAT, how can we credit them with ANY sort of routine intelligence?

So don’t tell me I am “being unfair” to ANYBODY. If they can look straight at a charging Grizzly and talk about the tree behind it, how in the HELL am I to know they make sense on ANY given subject?

Children of threats and talk about DRAMATIC threats. That is the essence of childhood. That is what kills so many children. If the bus made a huge noise small children would never run out in front of it. To them it looks like a smiley face with the headlights for eyes, the grill for a nose, and the bumper for a mouth.

A danger makes NOISE and wears a hard face. For Conspiracy types, all danger is a huge bully with a nasty face and power to run over you. That kind of thinking is exactly as mature, and as protective, as the idea that the bus coming at you is smiling.

Ventura presents Superman and Batman villains. Those movies were surprisingly popular partly because the heroes and villains are exactly like those the college-educated are trained to look for. All Evil Ones are Rich , Male, and White. They are out for Money and Power in vast amounts, which they already have.

And they are as realistic as The Joker.

Not surprisingly, and in fact BECAUSE of these stereotypes, real evil is exactly the opposite. Fort thousands of years, evil has presented itself as good, the mantra of real Hate has been love since long before the Inquisition. The ideology that killed at least a hundred million people in the last century did so in the name of Peace, Love, Brotherhood, and Equality.

No one EVER suppresses the simple truth except in the name of Truth.

A stampede is not a Conspiracy. There is no Sinister Mind behind most evil any more than there is a Sinister Genius behind every cattle stampede.

But in the real world, the most hating call themselves anti-Hate, the most Merciless use the word Mercy all the time, those who seek genocide do so in the name of Anti-Racism, universities have a stifling Thought Control policy in the name of Academic Freedom.

The shamans have always suppressed thought in the name of Wisdom. A hundred thousand years of that and we STILL haven’t BEGUN to catch onto this.

An Englishman who backed the Confederacy during the Civil War said, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

And absolute trust is absolute power. If a person can tell you what is a prejudice and what is preference because he has a doctor’s degree or a title or a robe, he has absolute power over you. Let ANYBODY give their human biases complete and free reign, and they will end up killing you in the streets.

Call it Political Correctness, the Word of the Lord, Environmentalism, or Equality.

Call a spade a spade or be a slave.