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Rule WW2

In Red Dawn a Cuban asks the Patrick Swayze character why he thinks his Wolverines have a right to fight the invading Soviets. The Wolverines reacted in a very realistic way.

First, he is comp-lately chocked by the question, it seems so stupid. Then he says, “Because we LIVE here!” The main reason the very low budget Red Dawn was such a hit and made Swayze an instant major star was because it reawoke images of an old American hero, grandma, sitting on the porch with a shotgun waiting for the county to come try to take over her house for a new highway.

Old Granny With a Shotgun was the American hero the World War II Generation disowned If the Government put them in costumes and orders they would not hesitate to kill the old bitch. She has the outdated American attitude “I LIVE here!”

The Greatest Generation, the Obedient Generation, would tell her, “Nothing is YOURS, Grandma. This is a government of laws not of men.”

And above all, they would say, “Grandma, this is for YOUR OWN GOOD.”

They went overseas and saved Stalin and gave one third of the world’s population to the Communists.

They Saved the World. The Reds in Red Dawn would certainly have agreed that that was true. But what did it do for US? Instead of having Communists and Fascists fighting each other, we ended up giving totalitarians the A-Bomb and a share of the world they never dreamed of until the US Saved the World for them.

We spent most of my life trying to contain the Communists and avoid a nuclear war. We sentient countries routinely on the idea that it was good for them. In fact, it was our unpopularity in those countries that the Reds fed on. The very people who would happily kill Grandmas for blocking the formation of a Collective Farm, which did kill millions of Kulak grannies, babushkas, for exactly that purpose, were the Wolverine line against us.

The justification was that we were keeping Communists from taking them over. But they hadn’t ASKED us to do that. And that was not the real justification for our interference in other countries. Our real justification was that Communism was dangerous to US. After the Obedience Generation gave a billion people to the Reds we were on the defensive.

But we had to talk in World War II terms. We had fought for the Reds. We really couldn’t say that we were fighting Communists because they were evil, evil like the Nazis. We had already thrown ourselves totally on their side against the Nazis as fellow fighters against Evil. We had allied with them and recognized them in the United Nations.

It was not until Reagan that any American president used the word “evil” to the Soviet Empire. The media blew sky high.

I can also tell you that, like “Mister Gorbeczev, tear down this wall,” Reagan had to reinsert that term Evil Empire REPEATEDLY because his staff kept taking it out of his own speech. People who were behind the Iron Curtain have said this was the speech that galvanized them, gave them HOPE.

Evil Empire and Gorbeczev tear down this wall are the two things that stand out in the history in the Reagan Administration, and his staff fought to take out BOTH of them. If Reagan had not been born in 1911, he probably would have gone along with them. But his mind had been set before the Obedience Generation took over.

Nobody else remembers grandma with her shotgun.

We could not denounce the Soviet Empire because the Obedience Generation thought just like them. As with the Mantra, this is a blind spot that is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that nobody SEES it. It is the rule that you have to be a right-winger to be EVIL.

Very few people wonder about why calling the Soviet Empire Evil was such a violation of the rules. Like the ongoing genocide against whites, they SEE it but they do not know it. Very few people on the left would hesitate to call every European Empire Evil.

But even the non-Communist American left screamed bloody murder, as did Reagan’s own staff, when he violated the World War II Rule that only the right can be called Evil.

If you see the World War II you can see why Stalin and Churchill were natural allies. The last imperialist British Prime Minister destroyed the Empire he loved just as Stalin built his. World War II decided that a left-wing empire was OK or just a little wrong, whereas a right-wing empire was Evil, just as a Leftist dictatorship was a bit too idealistic, whereas a left-wing dictatorship was the People’s Friend.

Like the Mantra, this rule as never stated publicly but everybody knew it. That’s why Reagan’s staff so desperately tried to keep him from violating this rule. That’s why everybody expected it when the media hit the roof when Reagan did that.

Churchill and Stalin thought exactly alike, and both of them thought like the post-WW2 US foreign policy. Churchill thought of his Empire, not as a prop for British power and pretensions, but as good for the natives, Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. Stalin and Bush and Johnson all justified their imperialism the same way.

You don’t have Vietnam Wars and Iraq Wars on the basis of US self-interest.

Just as the Inquisition hit new highs of torture in the name of Mercy and Communism set new highs of massacre and induced poverty in the name of peace, land and bread, modern imperialism always claims the good of the people it is interfering with.

And the man who says “Lie!” most is a liar.

And the man who screams “HATE!” loudest is a hater.