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Et Tu, Bay State?

In 2008 the Democrats finally elected their kind of President. Kennedy was the last Democratic president from outside the Old Confederacy. Roosevelt was the last non-Southern Democrat to get a majority of the vote.

The reason for this was because the Democratic Convention kept nominating Hubert Humphrey and Massachusetts Democrats and McGoverns the country rejected. Finally the combination of George W’s Vietnam PLUS recession and the threat of “racism” that got Christopher Buckley’s endorsement, they won.

But the bottom line is that America finally got what the Democratic Convention had been trying to sell for two generations.

The Democrats remind me of a dog who keeps bringing dead animals to his master and can’t understand the cool reception they get.

When a hard-core liberal push gets defeated in MASSACHUSETTS, something’s WRONG.

What is wrong is probably the obvious point that Democrats have been blind to for many decades: Americans do not want what they desire.


It’s a classical problem: they’re too far left. Ho-hum.

Actually the Democrats have the same blindness Republicans do. Both were caught with their pants down when Reagan won in 1980 and Gingrich won in 1994. The congress of 1994 promptly began back-peddling to “the votes are in the middle of the road.”

In short, nothing is happening that we are not familiar with. National commentators, right and left, are always taken completely by shock when the obvious happens. They can’t see reality. They get PAID, on BOTH sides, NOT to see reality.

Those who believe in conspiracies have a touching faith in the good sense of those who wind up in power. A guy who can make money must be a genius in all things, so they can’t make all those mistakes without MEANING to.

If you spent as much time as I have near those with money and power, trying to make them see the simplest realities, the whole conspiracy bit makes you laugh. Yes, they ARE that stupid.

The geniuses who rule the left have one thing in common with Mommy Professor: they have the same basic premise as the conspiracy theorists have: that they are enormously intelligent. Mommy Professor is hopeless because he honestly believes he is an idealist and a genius.

One how thinks he is an idealist is immune to any feeling of loyalty or any pangs of conscience. One who thinks he knows all is incapable of learning. This is the picture Mommy Professor has of himself and this is the picture the superrich have of themselves.

They are absolutely incapable of seeing the obvious.

They have no way of LEARNING the obvious because anyone who points it out to them is considered simplistic. A genius has no use for a simplist.

What happened in Massachusetts is that the Democratic Convention FINALLY got what it want. They elected a black McGovern.

Only a conspiracy theorist could make that mysterious.