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Have-Nots Hate Haves

People without money will tell you that everybody’s motivated by money. If you want financial advice, go to a bar, sit down by the guy who is nursing the only drink he can afford, buy him more, and listen.

He will tell you how to make money. He will tell you the characteristics of people who make money. He will explain to you that making money is behind everything on earth. Money, he will explain, is the Objective Purpose of everything.

Someone WITH money, as they slide into their cups, will explain to you all about Power. They HAVE money, so it holds no ambition for them. In fact the main way someone like me got enough money to live on was being paid by rich folks who wanted power.

A person without money tends to believe that everybody is after what he is after, money. People who have money, he feels, are the bad ones.

A rich person in America does not have the power he feels he should have. People who have power, he insists, are the bad ones.

Uglies tend to believe the Beautiful People are just AWFUL.

If you do not have a white skin, it is easy to convince you that whites are terrible.

Depressive Puritan types hate joyful people, hoping they are damned.

The list is endless.

This goes along with the rule that those who hate are constantly condemning Hate, those who are merciless love abstract Mercy. The real explanation of this is quite simple. A person thinks about what he thinks about most. A billionaire does not think about money all that much. In fact, real luxury means that you don’t have to think about money at all: “If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.”

BUGS is dedicated to straight, simple explanations like this. People who get PAID to be pundits do not think in my terms for a very simple reason. It is one reason respectable conservatives are the only professional commentators. If you hit a Politically Correct person with my kind of argument, the discussion is over.

They are getting laughed at.

Then it’s Dead Air. And Dead Air is death to talk programs.

So only a respectable conservative can keep the media commenters going.

Those who think about hate a lot capitalize it. They think that Hate explains human action. Those who think about money a lot think of money as the basis of all human motivation. Likewise Power. Likewise Mercy.

Paid pundits hate this kind of thinking for an equally simple reason. They get to paid to drag it out, to fill time and fill space on the printed page.

Hence the following verse, which once would have been called doggerel but now is referred to as the Art of Rap:

In most magazines there’s always a place
For people with talent for filling up space.
That’s why they pay me a nickel a syllable
For filling up space that still remain fillable.

The things I say may not make sense
And seem to you absurd
For it’s not logic that I need
But words and words and words and words
And words and words and words.