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Repetition and Reward

One of the lessons of BUGS is REPETITION. We were being beaten by human tape recorders, and we made fun of them. We enjoyed the ego boost so much we didn’t ANALYZE why those tape recorders were beating people with functioning frontal lobes.

We answered this mindlessness by putting out tomes.

Once again, you have to ask “Why is this information being PRODUCED?” The tomes were produced largely for ego. Those who wrote and read them felt superior. Those like me who gave them simple, Occam’s Razor analyses were, in some way, insulting them. This is the Semmelweis Effect.

You can look up Semmelweis or other things I mention in our excellent Search blank on the right side. To sum up, Ignac Semmelweis found in the mid-nineteenth century that women were dying in doctors’ hospitals after childbirth because doctors were going straight from dissection to delivering babies.

Doctors had all sorts of explanations for this death rate, including the one we considered most advanced: psychosomatic symptoms. Semmelweis died in a madhouse because he could not convince them that the cause was so uninspiring.

In other words, doctors kept killing mothers and babies because the solution hurt their EGOS.

Liberals presented themselves as Great Intellectuals and respectable conservatives like Buckley groveled at their feet, as they do today, and put out untranslated French quotes and fake accents.. And that , boys and girls, is the entire history of the last fifty years in America.

It is time we stop messaging our egos and started WINNING. Hence the Mantra.

Besides repetition, another thing the winners on the other side are criticized for is their takeover of foundations and paying organizations of every kind. As one rightist said, “Anything in our society that is not specifically conservative becomes a liberal front, land some of our groups do too.”

My boss John Ashbrook, was a pale conservative if there ever was one, but the John Ashbrook Foundation is totally neoconservative property.

Now the EGO analysis of this is “Them Bad, Us Good,” but translated into French to soothe our egos.

My analysis is that THEY are doing something right and we are, as usual, kidding ourselves that we are anything but LOSERS if we don’t see that.

I won’t be here forever, so I want to leave a legacy not only of the virtues of repetition but also of the virtues of REWARD. The Holocaust industry is an INDUSTRY. It pays people to push it.

Therefore it will never die.

On the other hand, if you leave behind a tradition of sacrifice, sacrifice, and nothing but sacrifice. One leader, when he was asked if anyone could succeed him, he said something seen by many as pure genius: “Yes, but they are all dead.”

This is usually quoted to show what a Great and Unique Man he was.

To me this is the ultimate failure. It is nothing to be proud of if you leave no intellectual heirs. But if you think only in terms of eternal sacrifice and how idealistic you yourself are, you will not leave any heirs. You concentrate on your own ego, and you get your own ego.

Congratulations and welcome to the Dead and Sterile World this kind of thinking leads to.

This is why I keep emphasizing that when our reaction comes, we must build a FOUNDATION with it, and lots of foundations. It is not out of revenge I want us to have a rewards system looking into the present holocaust against whites. I have simply observed what WORKS.

We should have people PAID to root our ads and support for genocide. There is a VAST source of money in it, and we should exploit it. The superrich and their heirs, the huge companies that sponsor quiet encouragement of interracial coupling in their ads, these represent hundreds of billions if no trillions of dollars.

Stalinist murderers can brag about it. A kid who was fourteen conscripted by the SS to work as a guard is hounded the rest of his life. I want THEM hounded. I want what I am living through to be REMEMBERED.

And the only way the lesson will be remembered, as we have been shown, is to REWARD those who REMEMBER it.

This is not revenge with me, thought God knows those who are committing genocide deserve all they get. But this is a PRACTICAL matter.

Look around you. LOOK at the RESULTS of those who never ask for revenge against Communists and those who PAY for revenge against Nazis. Look at the Che Guevara t-shirts and for ONE, for God’s sake, let’s show a little less foaming resentment and a little more ANALYSIS.

I am not in this to leave a reputation as a genius, as so many seem to be. After I die a billion dollar memorial will do me no good. I have fought my whole life for something and my one concern is that it will go the way of the geniuses who single wish is that be called irreplaceable.

The Semmelweis Lesson: if it saves life, concentrate on washing your hands. The Whitaker Corollary: Be sure that in future people will get revenge that PAYS.